to invite you to tea {and celebrate a girl}

come sit on my faded brown oversized couch,
there's a fire burning and warming the room and
numerous teas to choose from.
earl grey, chai, raspberry...
pour yourself a cup,
i have much to tell you.

and just like that,
she turns one...

we are having a special pearl day today,
complete with a "gift" basket,
filled with handmade gifts from the siblings and the mama,
and a special doll,
a carrot cake and
later we will take
a winter walk at her favorite beach.
but seriously,
has it already been a year???

i know it is the first day of the new year,
but to be honest, that means nothing to me.
my husband and i happen to just both be people
who have never cared for the celebration of the new year.
in fact, new years eve 1999, the party of the century,
i was seventeen years old and asleep at 10.
not that i didn't get invited to a bazillion parties
{apparently the computer considers bazillion a word
because i didn't get corrected}
but i just didn't care to go.

so having pearl on new years day was quite perfect.
it finally gave us something to celebrate while the
rest of the world was sleeping off hangovers and watching
college football.
and so we will.
this bundle of beauty, cuddles and smiles.

i am still in awe that it has been a year.
it has been a beautiful year.

i am knitting some baby blankets for some wee ones
basking in the warmth of their mama's wombs,
also beginning sweaters for the twins.
these sweaters are my most ambitious project yet,
so we will see how long they take and how
they turn out.
i have been reading a plethora of books and
haven't seemed to finish any...
almost amish,
gathering blue,
nourishing traditions,
free range learning...
seriously still reading all of these.
but i love them all,
i just can't seem to finish any because i keep
picking up one of the others.

almost amish makes me giggle.
my friends have always called me mennonite,
it's kind of the same thing i guess.
i like wearing skirts and sweaters,
i have lots of kids,
i often have a bandana on my head.
i like homemade stuff,
real food,
real life.
from what i gather so far from the book,
that is the almost amish way.
or the mennonite way.
{or my way}

i have been waiting years for nourishing traditions.
i couldn't justify the expense of the book.
but just recently i found it at a thrift store for a dollar.
it was like christmas :)
i seriously yelled for my husband in the store,
held the book to my chest and
giggled all the way home.
i'm still giggling.
it is such an amazing book and everyone should read it.
at least,
if they like food and like health.

so anyway,
i'm going to get back to that baby girl,
to the cuddles under quilts and kisses
from tiny red lips.
to the outstretched arms as she waddles around,
searching for this
mama's hugs and the
babbling from her precious mouth.
because she has turned one today.
she is already one.
and it won't be very long until i am
writing about how she is two,
then three and on and on.
i'll be missing those tiny red lips and
outstretched arms, that baby waddle..
so i'm going.
because i don't want to miss it.

thanks for the tea.
have a lovely rest of your day and
a happy new year.


  1. O happy day, sweet Pearl. Lovely post, Amy. Thanks for it.

  2. Beautiful writing and tribute to a precious little gift, 'a daughter'...bless you as you raise her and love her and continue to thank God for her.

  3. I am reading Almost Amish currently as well. Such a good book!

  4. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday!

  5. I am also reading Almost Amish and also found my copy of Nourishing Traditions at a thrift store for just 50 cents!
    Your daughter is beautiful. I am also enjoying each and every moment with my seventh child, a daughter, that is now already 15 months.