to have some favorites

 {no i have no idea what they are doing.
but it looks fun}
sharing some of my current  favorites...

mumford and sons

the civil wars

the innocence mission

almost amish

a charlotte mason companion {re-read this again and again}

sacred pregnancy {don't read into this, no i'm not pregnant}

::with my hands::
sewing throw pillows {this has been super fun and easy and my floor is slowly becoming a totally cozy space. cozy being the key word}

knitting blankets

hanging diapers

braiding hair
went through three baskets of accumulated stuff. yes!

bathroom. this is good.  we all need clean bathrooms.
beautiful friend's baby shower

registering for a retreat this summer {this was huge for me, more to come on that in the future}

snuggling on the couch, reading to my kiddos {yes, i consider this an event.  when little ones push and shove and battle for my lap and i get an elbow to the eye, i call this event. and that happens nearly every time, which means at least four times a day.}

my bigger kiddos going horseback riding at a friend's.  {layla made me promise to find a way for her to ride a horse before she turned 11.  i succeeded. so good.}

got my hair done at a salon.  {this happens about once every few years. my mom took me. he styled my hair  in some goofy 80's style but it got combed and cut! combing my hair is an event in itself.  i have the most ridiculously thick hair.}

  {i had to post the picture. even though it kind of makes me gag.  you had to see it.  what's up with that curl?}

ha, just kidding.  no favorite.
just thought it would be funny to post that
and make you go, what???

::random favorites:: 
quilts, everywhere

the way miss pearl hugs everyone who is crying

moses saying "mom, you're the best mom in the whole weld"


hiding babywise in thrift stores {if you're friends with me on fb, you know all about this}

handmade gifts

carrying my babies in slings and backpacks

the way the twins say "cimmanon"

looking at the moon with my kids who are just as enthralled as i

and just so that wasn't the last photo
you see this post...

 {pearl's birthday basket from a couple of weeks ago, filled with her gifts.  the above is one which ruth made her}

have a lovely day!

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  1. Love this post. Love these pictures. Love your hair. Love that Pearl profile in that cap. Sigh. I love how you love your life. I really do.