to be cold and happy

i lay in bed a bit longer than usual this morning
with miss pearl snuggled in my arms,
nursing and sharing warmth with me.
it was so dark,
so cold,
{have you heard about this cold we are having
here in california?  it is SO cold. not
rising above 50 in the day time and getting
down to the 20's overnight. laugh if you must,
but for us, this is COLD}
i whispered prayers as we lay,
spiritually preparing myself
for this day.

and when her eyes opened and
shone brightly up at me,
i was overtaken by peace and

entering the dark of the living room where
three young ones already sat
with their daddy,
fire blazing to warm those little toes,
sipping coffee that he poured and
brought me,
snuggling under quilts and listening to stories
of young ones dreams and
dreams they wish they had,
until the three older slowly crept out into
the dark of
awakened by the smell of fire,
coffee and
joining us in morning's peace,
partaking in this simple
holiness and
readying themselves for whatever
their days

so far today we have read our Bibles,
read poetry,
laughed, and
settling in now for some copywork for
two older children and
outside time for the younger.
butternut squash soup simmering on the stovetop,
awaiting hungry tummies when lunchtime arrives.

i am in love with this day.
hope you are in love with yours.


  1. I must admit, I did think of you when I heard about the cold you are enjoying(?) out there in California. Soak it all up for as long as it lasts. And, once it's gone, feel free to come share some of mine. :)

    Your morning sounds lovely. It's what I wishedmy homeschool mornings had been like. But, alas . . .

    1. I do love it. Joann, on the other hand is crying.

  2. I HATE IT! I'm freezing my banoonoos off at the park!
    At least it's sunny. And at least Amy is happy.

    I loved this, it made me want to be more grateful. :) miss you guys.

  3. What a wonderful 'life' it sounds so peaceful, yet I know it is busy. We have had cold too, nights down to the 20's and freezing fog on the ground. I would rather have snow if it is going to get this cold. Oregon is doing strange things but soon spring will be here after this cold snap and we will welcome the burst of life emerging from the winters chill. Hang in there. You are doing good.