to answer your questions...

So.  there are some recurring questions that I have been asked over the past couple of years so I have decided to do frequently asked questions post and answer them. If you have another question, feel free to ask in the comments. And so...

1. How do you drink your coffee?
I think this question is hilarious, but I have been asked at least four times. Apparently I talk about coffee a lot here. Well, I typically drink coffee with raw cream and real maple syrup. It's amazingly delicious. If I am at someone else's house then I use whatever flavored (girly) creamer they have.

2. Are you quiverfull? 
I must admit I had no idea what this was until a year ago. Before that I just thought it meant you had a lot of kids, so, um yeah I do. But then I learned there is a whole lifestyle and set of beliefs that I don't really agree with so, no I'm not.

3. Why do you have so many kids?
We like kids. We like family. I like pregnancy. I like my husband. We trust God. And i just think that if I truly believe that God creates life, why would I doubt Him and try to prevent Him from creating life(as if I could prevent Him). I just can't wrap my head around all that but as I said before, I like kids. So.

4. Are you done?
Shut up.

5. How do you homeschool?
I have written about this before here. Time has passed and children have joined the family so I will be writing another post about this soon. {edited: And I did... here.} I will just say we follow Charlotte Mason's methods with a bit of waldorf mixed in. We focus lots on play and rhythm in the early years and that rhythm is what makes us productive. We read lots. And lots. We talk a lot. Go outside. Write. It's good. 

6. What cloth diapers do you use?
Smartipants. And I love them.

7. Why do you hate the church?
I DO NOT HATE THE CHURCH. We have had a difficult time fitting in in a typical church body.  And we feel a lot of what the church has become is just plain wrong.  The formats, the programs, the politics, the "must-believes", so much of it is man made and Pharisaical.  This is a great book on the topic.  If I were to envision my perfect fellowship of believers it would be in a big cozy living room with cups of coffee and tea, music being played, Bible reading and discussion,  different ideas and thoughts presented with no one made to feel inferior or wrong, children listening in, joining discussion, or playing.  Prayer. Lots of it.  Really breaking bread.  As in, here is a meal, let's eat together.  That is what I see when I think of His body meeting together.

8. Have you always been so awesome?
Why, yes I have thank you :)  {Ok no one asked me this, but I'm pretty sure lots of you wanted to :) }

Alright, that's it for now.  But if you have more questions, ask away and I'll add them or do another post.


  1. How do you force all your children to get along so well ;) I mean, what are the secrets in your opinion of happy and healthy sibling relationships? Would you be interested in borrowing any extra children? I'm thinking of starting a rental program ;)

  2. I love your blog and your honesty and your wonderful little way of life been a reader now for a few years or shall I say a few babies? :o)
    Never thought of syrup in my coffee I guess that would be similar to honey in tea.
    Keep writing and entertaining us, it is great.

  3. Yeah, I was pretty sure you were always this awesome :)

  4. Just found your blog on Rhythm of the Home and was so excited to start reading more about you and your beautiful family. A lot of what you say on here really resounds with me so I'm going to be following you now:) Just wondered if you had ever heard of a new house-church model called Bloom - started by Michael Gungor - in Denver. My husband works at a church but we were (and plan to be again) missionaries and we have lotsssssss of frustrations with modern church set up too. We've been reading about Bloom and it sounds a lot like the church model you described. They start with home church and then the home churches gather together for worship - instead of the other-way-around like typical modern churches.
    Also, I am really leaning towards homeschooling my girls with a Charlotte Mason/Waldorf mix, so I'm looking forward to reading how that works for you. My girls are little now, 3 1/2 and 10 months, but I'm eager to learn all I can for when it's really "time" to start.