to remember and look forward

reflecting on the past year and the new year...

here on the blog i am going to start doing two set posts...

1}to invite you to tea {tuesdays will be tea day, i will tell you stuff and {hopefully!} you will feel like you're on my couch with a cup of tea having a chat with me}

2}to find ordinary beauty {fridays. sounds just like what it is.  beauty in the ordinary from my week.}

and then the rest of the days i will either write or be silent or link with something else like yarn along or imperfect prose or 1000 gifts...

we will see if this works.  i have grand ideas but don't always follow through.

other things 2013 holds...

  • my daddy getting married!!!
  • ian graduating homeschool and probably heading off to college
  • pearl jean will turn 1 {right on the first day of 2013}
  • an actual family vacation {if all goes right}... heading up the coast through oregon {T, you hear this?} and through washington to visit our friends on a Christmas tree farm.
  • gentleness. peace. these two things on the top of my list.
  • numerous opportunities TO LOVE...
and some of my most special moments of 2012...

thank you friends for sharing them with me!!
love and peace to you in the new year!

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    and also? I had such a blast meeting you and your wonderful family. Even Derrick got over his feelings of "how weird his wife was with this blogging thing and forcing him to meet total strangers and then sort of invite herself over to their house" (I'm paraphrasing). He loves you guys.