to have the faith of a child

Sweet baby eyes gazing up at me.

I see trust in them. Pure trust.

She doesn't know hurt, disappointment or pain. She knows love. She knows trust.

She knows that in the midst of loud noises, she will find peace in a smile on mama's face.

She knows that when she is alone she needs to merely make a sound and she will be swooped up into arms that will comfort, hold and love.

When her belly feels empty, she knows the one with love in her eyes will take her and nurse her and the feeling will subside.

She knows her needs will be met. She knows she is not alone.

We must have the faith of a child. Complete trust.

Knowing that in the midst of turmoil, He holds us in His hands.

Knowing that when we feel alone, He is with us, gently guiding us, ready to give comfort if we just TRUST that he is there.

When we feel empty, He restores, He fills.

We need to remember our needs will be met, He will meet them always.

Look past the hurt, the uncertainty, gaze up at Him with pure trust.

Breathe deeply, snuggle into His arms...REST.


  1. Gorgeous.
    Baby girl, the words, the miracle,

  2. Your little girl is gorgeous and you show such love for her through your writing. A grue reflection of God's love for us.