to show them how

darkness still dominant out the windows,
we sat by sparkling lights of newly decorated
christmas tree,
five year old twins and i while
the rest of family continued in their early morning
a quiet holiness accompanied us as
i retold them about Jesus,
spoke to them of His sacrifice and love and
they listened,
and i whispered,
"it doesn't matter what is happening in your life
or the world around you,
when people know and love Jesus they
can live in joy, in peace." and Hannah
smiled wide eyed grin,
eyes dancing with the beauty of it all,
but Ruth, her twin,
bore her eyes deep into mine and remarked,
"well, i don't know if i love Jesus."

that mama in me panicked momentarily with thoughts of
oh no, will she never know God?  is this it?
how did this happen?

she began to jump around in the quiet,
giggling and naming things she loved,
"i love crunch bars and
dolls and dolly.  i love
my rope swing and meatloaf!"

my look of anxiety turned quickly into
peace filled smile,
as i realized she did "love" all of those things,
for she was five and
that pint sized beauty did not yet understand
and everything she claimed to love
was superficial and i should truly worry if
she had a superficial love for Christ as
she did for candy and toys.

for now she knew He was good.
she knew there was something different about Him
that did not fit into a category with
rope swings,
and she knew that all she "loved" was given to her
by Him.
and how would she learn what love truly was?
how would she learn to love Him?
by the love we have for each other.
by loving Him ourselves.
by offering thanks and praise for all things to
the Giver.
by demonstrating compassion and grace and
all the attributes He has.
we would love Him.
we would love her.
and she will love.

it's okay that she doesn't know if she loves Jesus.
i'm pretty sure He gets it.



  1. Such cute little monkeys. Pearl is looking more like them all the time.

  2. she will..and she will know him through you and your love....

  3. SO adorable. We have twin grand daughters who are Hannah and Alexis, they are identical and age 8. I love your blog and the joy of the pictures, just sweet.

  4. LOVE< love< love this. So much. YES, this is how they learn, this is how we all learn. As we experience love and teach about it and show it and share it. Those girls are so dang cute. Oh, my.

  5. Beautiful words beautiful inspire me, and you inspire them! :-)

  6. Amy, this is so sweet, and you are so sweet, too. I love this post!

  7. oh, they are pint sized beauties! he knows, and they will, too. this is charming.