to reflect on winter's calm

we spend the day after thanksgiving
decorating our winter mantle,
exchanging the oranges, yellows and reds
for whites, light blues and the shimmery quiet
that belongs to the season of calm.

a winter mantle is cloaked in simplicity,
a mixture of rest and christmas,
a time of reflection and expectation,
and as i store away autumn's awesomeness and
retrieve winter's offerings long been laid to rest i
with pandora's indie holiday station keeping me company,
i adorn this home for the season to come,

allowing children to partake as only children will and
ignoring the fact that as i hang a bunting begging
for snow,
imagining cuddling by the fire with my kiddos,
cocoas and piles of books while
snow softly blankets the ground outside,
it is currently 75 degrees outside and snow is
unheard of in our coastal town.

and yet i dream and wait,
as only a chronic dreamer can,
i prepare and anticipate and
welcome christmas,
welcome the last weeks of autumn,
welcome the coming of a winter marked by sunshine,
a winter wishing for snow.


  1. I love snow, too. We got snowed in for two weeks, though, a couple years ago. That was a bit much.

    1. i would love it. just because i never. ever. get any.

  2. Sweet, Amy! I really want snow, too. Miss it here on this side of the mountains.

    I've been really liking your recent posts/thoughts, by the way.

    Blessings to you today, and may we have *snow* this month!

    1. thank you so much susan! that means so much to me as you are an inspiration to me.

  3. I miss the snow. We hardly got any last year, even though we're usually a winter wonderland for months.