to kill the clock and dream deeply

Darkness had long fallen when my head
lay on soft pillow down,
arms wrapped gently around the babe with
husband close on my other side and
it was only eight.  It has been a week
since we changed our clocks along with
most of the country and yet,
our little ones are falling asleep by six and
we are all waking around five for
we have not yet had a reason to join the
new time.
Husband still off of work,
and still without a church to attend,
we have no need for time these days so
our bodies have been ready to sleep earlier and
ready to wake earlier and
we have just been embracing that.

Because, really,
why does the clock matter so much?
{Yes I know the practical, so we are on time,
so we are all in sync with one another} but why
do we allow it to rule so much of our lives?
There is such peace in letting everything flow
waking when you have slept enough and sleeping
when your eyes are heavy,
knowing what comes next,
and just moving into that as simply as
the tide crashes upon the shore and then
pulls back out to sea.

Husband has been home for five weeks now and
I am feeling anxious about his impending return to work.
He works for the man,
you know the one,
and we have always desired to bring him home,
to work together from home in some way,
that instead of working for the man he can work
for himself,
for his family and
having him here these weeks has given us a taste.
A taste of that family togetherness and work ethic which
includes daddy and
a taste of life lived simply, naturally without needing to
answer to a clock and
in another week or so all of that will change and
I just don't want it to.
Another woman recently told me that usually when a husband
is home for an extended period of time he hates it and
the wife hates it.  This just made me sad.
My husband and I have embraced this time and don't want it
to end.
We want to carry on together,
raising children,
tending land,
feeding chickens,
taking photos,
creating with our hands, our minds,
loving people,
feeding people,

And so we will move slowly through the next week,
not answering to a clock but to our own
our needs,
we will flow,
and we will dream and
maybe one of these days we will wake up and
our dreams will be true...


  1. WHen I read your blog I miss you guys and want to come visit again. Is that stalkerish or friendly? I choose friendly.
    it all sounds lovely, but I have this body thing where I think I should sleep for at least 12 hours. I live a frustrated life, but children keep me from being lazy. Of course, I don't need a clock really either, because SOME PEOPLE wake up at 5:30 ish. BOo.

    1. friendly. or stalker. either works. i want you to come visit too. i know you just want the tritip.

  2. Beautiful header verse...and books, and jacket you have on at the end, and thoughts and skirt and children and life and YOU! You are a lovely young lady. thanks for sharing.

    1. thank you thank you thank you pam. you are lovely too and inspire me daily.

  3. My man's on paternity leave. It feels like Christmas. I don't want it to ever end. Maybe we should start playing the lottery.

    1. seriously. believe me, we thought about it :)

  4. Amy, It's crazy how one hour can take a while to adjust to. Now that the kids are older, it's not as bad. (I love that cute picture of you... you make me smile.)

  5. "Nothing happens unless first a dream." Carl Sandburg

    Who knows what this time together might be preparing you for as a family?

    Happy to see you back here. :)