to be alone in a sea of "friends"

her cell phone rings endlessly,
phone calls, text messages, notifications and
she always has it
in her hand,
so careful not to miss
a thing.

and we share hearts
over coffee
but her heart is cut down center,
between me
in front of her
and that vast array of "friends"
on her handheld.

and i pull out my bow and begin to
play on her heart strings
hoping to make music
of beauty and friendship while
her other world keeps distracting her,
status updates, messages,
and our symphony sounds flat

not once has she smiled,
a canyon between us
and i ask her what's wrong,
she looks at me,
eyes glossy with internal turmoil
tells me
she feels so alone,
so alone

and what do i say?
how do i show her she's given her life
to devices made by man
instead of sharing her life with man
and i tell her to watch the door,
a man approaching from the outside
about to enter
talking on his phone
and a woman about to leave
talking on hers
and she pulls the door open,
and they both scoot by each other,
brushing shoulders,
they don't even look at one another...

i ask,
did you see that?
without those phones,
he would have held the door for her,
let her pass,
they would have said hello,
or excuse me,
or at least smiled at each other,
but cell phones have killed manners,

and i tell her she feels alone
because the majority of her interaction
is with a phone
or computer,
and those devices cannot make you feel loved,
cannot strum your heart strings,
cannot smile at you
or touch your hand,
or hug you...

and i don't want to be condemning,
i tell her they're not bad,
it's our usage of them,
the attention that we can give them,
that can be bad,
and if we are using them
more than we are interacting with others,
then we might be destroying ourselves
just a little bit,
and our loneliness will grow...

and she looks at me,
puts her phone in her purse,
smiles sheepishly
and says,
"hi, i'm ava.  it's so nice to meet you."
and i look at this young girl i've known
for two years,
and say,
"nice to meet you too."

and we drink coffee,
and share hearts,
and make a symphony
of beauty and friendship.

*photos from a winter long past.  i couldn't resist them.*


  1. Yes. This goes to why my very nice cell phone lives in my minivan...why I can't do Twitter and Instagram...b/c I already feel like my laptop is too much, too much...

  2. I put this on my facebook page. It is really good.

  3. I also shared this via Facebook. LOVELY piece! :)