to take a break

i'm taking a blogging break
for october.
if you want or need me, email me,
i'll be spending the month reading, writing,
knitting, loving, snuggling,
and all that good stuff you know i like to do.
if i owe you a letter or email,
i'll be writing those too.
don't you...
forget about me.

although i'm probably just preaching to the choir,
i'll direct you to the most awesome people,
people i am blessed to call my friends...

for wisdom, visit tonia
for beauty, visit suzy
for more large family shenanigans and mama encouragement, visit amy or hannah
for inspiration, visit jodi
for humor and poop talk, visit joann and
for humor and stories, nancy
and then if you just want to be all around inspired and awed,
even though she hasn't written in forever, go search around jewels place...

see ya in november!


  1. just so you know, i totally caught the simple minds reference even before i saw you put the video up. ;)
    love you. xo

  2. I'll never forget about ya.

    Enjoy this time! So good to step away and drink in the season. Good for you!

  3. Awww Amy, have a lovely break. Get lots of snuggles in :)