to return, smell peace and listen to dolly

i've been missing you all.
but i must admit,
this month has flown by and i
have enjoyed every bit of it.
days getting cooler,
we have had a few glowing fires in our fireplace,
sipped {more than} a few cups of cocoa,
enjoyed the scent of soup
simmering on the stovetop
many times.
days have been slow,
as they often are in this season,
the days of earth's tucking in,
preparation for it's long slumber. 

i thought the best way to ease back
into this space would be a daybook of sorts,
a bit of how this month has passed and
where we are

lots of baking and reading,
daddy has been home with us due to an injury
and though it has been faith stretching in terms of provision,
it has been amazing having him around.
i have been making chicken stock weekly and
the smells of the broth simmering,
permeating the house brings
such peace,
i find it amazing how the different senses work together
to create atmosphere.
how soft music can create calm,
as can a gentle touch or
the smell of simmering broth or baking bread.
our senses can also work to create atmospheres of
cigarette smoke,
loud music,
crazy color or commotion.
i have been purposeful these days about
being aware of what our senses are experiencing,
and making sure they are experiencing what will create

there has been so much to be grateful for
this past month,
and i have been aware of myself whispering
daily for the little things...
pearl saying "uh oh"
my husband home, present, part of our daily rhythm
finding words again, writing them
smells {oh the smells} of autumn
a visit from my grandma
smiling children
an abundance of butternut squash in the garden
hanging diapers in the breezy morning
little girls and their special dolls


speaking of little girls and their dolls,
have i mentioned the twins obsession with dolly parton?
they love her.
we have an old record with dolly and kenny rogers on the cover and
they just fell in love with her.
they think kenny and dolly are married.
they asked to write a letter to dolly.
they want to tell her and kenny to move next door to us.
ruth says that if they move next door,
then they can have kids.
we have a saying in our home.
it's "if the twins are a-cryin'
dolly will fix it."
put a video on youtube and they're all better. 

so many...
a circle of quiet by madeline l'engle.
i love this book.  i have been very slowly reading it
and savoring it.
searching for God knows what by donald miller...
read it twice already but reading it again
with a facebook group.  love this book.
the phantom tollbooth,
my son josiah's favorite, he has been begging me to read it.
he put it in my book basket and so,
i picked it up.  i can see why he loves it.
free range learning...
so far this book speaks for me.  it says what i try to say
about learning and children.

finished pink pearl's leg warmers and
have cast on this hat
for the wee lass.

so much pain for so many friends.
the hurting of God's children.
beauty for ashes.
not understanding why but
He knows.
He gets it.
He works it out.
no matter how much it stinks now,
despite our lack of understanding,
He works it out.
trying to figure out how to be there
for the hurting.
i don't want to be generic.
i don't want my love,
my compassion,
my sympathy to be the same old
pat you on the back,
tell you it will be okay.
i want to be real.
to love.
to just say that sucks my friend,
tell me what i can do.

::writing:: '
so in this month off i have been writing.
and writing.
i've written some posts and
written some other stuff.
i have submitted some work and
sent some writings to people.
and i can't tell you how frightening that is.
to send off a bit of my heart and say,
here you go,
do with it what you will,
even if that means tearing it up and
stomping on it.
still not ready to call myself that
dreaded "W" word...
*cough, cough* {writer}
nor do i know if i will ever be.
also deciding i should start using capitals
{which you are not seeing the fruits of yet}
for josiah was looking over my shoulder as
i was typing and told me i forgot to
put a capital i.
he was right, of course.
and since i am teaching him to use capitals,
i figure i should model that.
so, here's to capitals!

trying to at least.
for in the month i've been missing,
miss pearl has begun
doing this...


that's our october...
how was yours?


to pop in for just a moment...

just popping in to say a quick hello....

{no my blogging break is not over... i can go more than ten days!  i just couldn't resist giving you this quick little snippet of our lovely autumn days.  back soon :) }


to take a break

i'm taking a blogging break
for october.
if you want or need me, email me,
i'll be spending the month reading, writing,
knitting, loving, snuggling,
and all that good stuff you know i like to do.
if i owe you a letter or email,
i'll be writing those too.
don't you...
forget about me.

although i'm probably just preaching to the choir,
i'll direct you to the most awesome people,
people i am blessed to call my friends...

for wisdom, visit tonia
for beauty, visit suzy
for more large family shenanigans and mama encouragement, visit amy or hannah
for inspiration, visit jodi
for humor and poop talk, visit joann and
for humor and stories, nancy
and then if you just want to be all around inspired and awed,
even though she hasn't written in forever, go search around jewels place...

see ya in november!