to search out beauty and find a bag

i found this nifty little basket/bag
at a yard sale last weekend,
perfect for storing and moving around
my knitting.
and so when summer's last evenings beckoned
we took children,
knitting and
camera and headed out.

there is much beauty to be found
if one only opens eyes
to see it,
and i must search it out
or else experience deep soul aches.
and so i look for beauty in that which
is ever in front of me,
for these are the things most beautiful and
these are the things which surround me.

* i spy four kids in the net... can you find them?*

and feeling breeze on my neck,
in my hair,
is like feeling the breath of God and
i do not worship the wind,
only the God who made the wind and
blows it my way and
sets such beauty in my life
that i need only 
and embrace it.

and so i'll sit and
breathe and
let Him speak and
i'll find beauty with searching eyes
and count it all as gain.

*thank you friends for your kind response to my ROTH piece.  you all make me smile.

**on this last post i wondered which of my numerous books to read.
i chose to start with 100 cupboards, at the recommendation of my daughter layla. she got it at the library and
read it so fast and liked it so much she immediately bought {with her remaining birthday money} the next two in the trilogy.  and so we have all been reading through them.  first layla, then me {i am starting book 3 today}, ian is on book 2 and josiah just finished book 1.  i totally recommend them. 


  1. I'm grateful for that spark of God joy that is in you to see beauty and share it.

  2. Thanks for the book recommendations! It's always good to find new ones and I'm pretty sure Boo and Layla will have similar tastes :)
    Such a beautiful post Amy.
    Just have to tell you, Tilly just came up to the screen and pointed at the picture of your little girl and said "she is my friend" :) So sweet!