to invite you to tea and go under wildwood

there's a cup of chai tea steeping on
the coffee table and
a living room full of empty furniture.
won't you join me?

i'll tell you about all these things which are
bringing me joy today,
such as the chicken layla just completed knitting...
{and yes,
the recipient asked for a blue chicken}

and what about the package which arrived in
the mail today?
if you know of our obsession with
the decemberists,
colin meloy and
wildwood then
it will come to no surprise to you that
we preordered this book immediately and
have been {im}patiently awaiting it's
arrival for months.
it arrived...

it is currently being fought over
by numerous hands.

one of our cats was missing for two days and
then suddenly we heard meowing.
from the sky.
he was stuck in a tree about 65 feet high.
the kids shook food at the base of the tree
for an hour,
and down he came.
he is recuperating and being spoiled.

the twins turn 5 on friday.
i cannot wait to give them their gifts,
two of which were made by my beautiful friend
{i'll post photos when they get them.  she makes amazing things.}
but i am also in shock that they are going to be 5.

speaking of the twins,
they loved the first day of autumn.
every day since they have woken up and
asked me if it is still fall.
when i answer that it is they scream in excitement,
"it's fall!  it's fall!"
i feel like screaming that too.

i will.

and now that i have screamed
you are probably ready to finish your tea and head
thanks for the tea and the chat.
have a lovely day.

joining with yarn along...


  1. I LOVE the blue chicken. What a talented girl! I wonder if Cade knows the new Wildwood book is out...

  2. I really want to come to your house, I screamed!

  3. "It's fall! It's fall!" *squee!!!*

    So. Happy.


    1. i was *so* going to say exactly this! lol
      and i can't wait to see what Suzy has made- she is SO incredibly talented and i just know it will be amazing!!

  4. You know I have a signed copy of wildwood don't you? my sister is friends with the illustrator. Perhaps I could ask her for a smallish favor??? ;)

  5. i'm a huge fan too, love all things wildwood, decemberists, colin! hopefully my copy will arrive tomorrow.
    cute chicken and beautiful children. :)

  6. I so enjoyed sharing my morning tea with you Amy :)
    I love Layla's blue chicken!
    Your twins make me smile, they're so sweet!
    Have a great weekend!