to have a weekend and a soap box

lots of knitting happening around these parts
as we count down the days until autumn,
though mid day you wouldn't know it was so close
with temperatures in the 90's {what?}
but cooling down beautifully at night makes for
deep snuggling together under quilts and blankets.
books being devoured,
imaginative play happening throughout the house,
pearl taking a few steps with a walker {i'm not ready}

this weekend has been quite relaxing and
no church today as we are still in limbo,
but there is such peace in lazy days,
reading the bible together,
at home,
cup of tea in hand and
baby on lap.
as we spoke of church and why we were not
attending anywhere currently,
my 8 year old said,
"mama, do you know what church is?
church is a place you go and read the bible together
but they don't let the kids listen,
they make them go to another room and play...
like it doesn't matter to the kids or they are too
stupid to understand."
and i sorrowed that this is what the kids are experiencing and
yet was so grateful that he noticed and
that we are able to remove him from that
show him different.
show him it does matter and we
know he can understand. and
so we read, talk,
laugh and love and
know what is right for us will come around...
and tonight sunday nacho night is upon us,
a favorite regular meal for us all.

weekending with amanda


  1. first steps are at once awesome and scary and make me want to scream, "slow down" - both to time itself and to the babe in question. i feel ya on that one, mama.

    happy nacho eating tonight :)

  2. I think your blog should be called "The house of cozy" - it always looks warm and inviting.

  3. We have sunday night nachos too :)
    I feel saddened too by our church culture that sends parents one way, youth another, seniors another, and kids another, when are all a part of the church, and we belong together. What do we miss by calling our kids the church of tomorrow when they are really part of Christ's body and church today?
    God bless you!

  4. I agree with you! Sometimes I just want church to be a community like it was in the early days. Where we just come together to learn how to love better. Learn how to find God together, everyone, all ages.
    I hate all the undercurrents that can happen in a church situation. So much is being pushed down for the sake of convention, liturgy or simply to look the right way.
    Love your thoughts Amy :) Your church at home sounds lovely :)