to find rhythm and draw terribly

to combat the chaos of a {very}
large family,
we try to bring a bit of stability,
to our days.
we have seasonal rhythms,
weekly rhythms and
daily rhythms,
{ i think}
these rhythms provide the calm
my children thrive on.

daddy doesn't work on mondays and so
we use monday as a day to relax and be free...
tuesday is our drawing day,
wednesday handwork day,
thursday baking day,
friday nature/seasonal craft day and
saturday painting day.

layla and josiah's nature collage


as the ocean ebbs and flows,
so we do throughout our days and weeks,
and no matter what comes our way we
are able to come back to a place of peace and
always knowing what to do,
what to pick up,
what comes next.

drawing day
{and this photo, my moment
shared with amanda}


 moses wanted me to draw him
a ghost with a sword and a helmet and
a shield fighting a dragon...
i can't draw... here lies the evidence.
he cried because i didn't 
draw them right.
and so when the day is thrown off kilter by
an unforeseen grocery trip or
an extraordinarily grumpy child {or mama},
a sick baby or
just about anything,
we can come back to a place of calm,
moving past the chaos and into
the next note in our rhythm.


  1. I saw your comment on SouleMama and just wanted to stop by and see what "the house of cozy" was all about, it sounded luscious!!!! I found beautiful children, lovely words and some inspiring home design. Thanks for sharing your link!

  2. How wonderful. I struggle with structure, but you're right; children love it (need it).

  3. Wonderful schedule and YES they thrive on schedules that can be the known structure day in and day out. Children need familiar spaces and things. Good job.

  4. I feel a little calmer and clearer just reading your post this morning Amy. What a lovely way to start my day :)

  5. so important to have these rhythms and offer them a schedule in terms they can understand and grasp - i think you've done it beautifully. and your autumn mantel - lovely!