to declare the season and have a bunch of books

i just couldn't wait any longer.
september began and
it cooled down
a bit.
evenings we were chilled deep,
sweaters worn again,
chili simmering and
i declared it autumn
in our home.

time for piles of books
and believe me,
i have piles
to spend many hours by the fire,
wrapped in blankets or
snuggled with the kiddos
big and small
on oversized couch,
entering story together

so up went autumn decor
out came basket of
seasonal books
and even hannah
drew an autumn picture to
adorn the wall.

though come september 22nd,
we will welcome autumn in our usual ways,
pumpkin chocolate chip muffins to begin the day,
first day of autumn walk,
soup supper,
pumpkin picking and
everyone's favorite fall dessert,
pumpkin cake.

but for now i have declared it autumn
or at least
"preautumn" or
what my eldest calls
"autumn {not so patient} expectations"
and so it shall be
at least for us.
now if it would only get cool enough
to light a fire...

this handsome little man is ready.

*autumn also marks the world series,
{the only sporting event we watch},
can you tell who little man is hoping makes it?*

which of those books to begin?


  1. I'm a ROBOT!
    Gosh I miss that kid.

    My goodness I think I am ready for it to be fall too...even though with that season, I get rather mopey. Hope to see you soon

  2. I love Autumn so much :)
    ...and your ROTH post is the most beautiful piece of writing and life I can imagine :)

  3. Declaring it autumn is a GREAT idea, Amy! :) We so enjoyed Layla's last letter! We are working on the reply! She asks a lot of questions! :D

    Blessings to your family ~ may today be filled with God's tangible presence! :D

  4. Replies
    1. RIGHT???? i thought you might like that :) i certainly do.