to be visited by an autumn fairy and a penguin

this weekend was filled with
surprises and a  bit of excitement,
with my heart all a flutter i woke on autumn's
first day and was delighted to see the fruits
of a visit from the autumn fairy
the night before...

felt pumpkins and
signs welcoming autumn,
such a gift to have a daughter stay up
to bring joy to us,
and  oh. what joy it was.

midday brought another surprise when
a package was delivered
for that 10 year old autumn fairy,
and we were so confused...
until we noticed the return address was penguin group...
and then we squealed a bit for
two months ago bookworm daughter {aka autumn fairy} had
acquired a used book, an old copy of a dickens book,
with a page in the back asking 80 cents sent to the {now nonexistent,
bought out years ago by penguin} publisher
if you want a copy of bleak house,
and miss layla sent the 80 cents with a letter
which read,
"hi i am layla, i am 10 years old.
i have an old book which tells me i can send 80 cents and
get a copy of bleak house.  i know it costs much more now,
but i love reading and dickens,
(i have read many of his books) and
just thought i would try.  thank you."

and now she had received a response,
a letter from the sales manager thanking her
and telling her how excited he was to hear from her,
that he was sending her bleak house along with two of his
favorites from when he was her age,
all a gift from penguin.
he sent her 80 cents back,
and asked her to write back and let him know
what she thinks of the books.

that was a highlight of the year,
and layla has not stopped smiling,
and neither have i.

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  1. Visiting from Amanda's...I love the fact that your daughter is the autumn fairy!! How very wonderful. The decorations are beautiful. And what a heartwarming story about the books. There are still wonderful people in the world!!

  2. Love that blue sign! We had some sun today, but not too many more sunny days in Oregon.

    1. Also wanted to say, what a great package to receive! Such a treat!

  3. love all the autumn decorations! soooo ready to get mine out and yet...we're still donning flip flops so it doesn't feel quite right.

  4. Reading your post warms me to the core :)
    I'm so happy for Layla! What a lovely suprise!

  5. That sweet girl of yours is definitely a keeper. This is a lovely pair of stories, ones you'll tell her whole life long. Reading Dickens at age 10?? Wowza. That's impressive. Enjoy your treasures, Layla. You deserve them.

  6. I was SO happy to read this. Amen to kindness.

  7. This whole post is wonderful! I want an autumn fairy to visit my house! And it is heart-warming to read the story of the books and letter from Penguin. How really sweet.