to be cozy?

so i'm trying on a name change...

the house of cozy...

let me know what you think.
to love
the house of cozy?

i must say, i'm mighty cozy here today,
9 am and still in pajamas,
pearl napping,
little kids playing and
a full cup of coffee in my hand.
forecast of 90 today.
i'm crying a bit about that.
almost finished with book 3 of
the 100 cupboards series,
and i am quite in love with these books.

sorry about my frustrated ramblings yesterday,
i just have a difficult time with this modern church and
especially the way children are often viewed
and treated {i have some stories}
but i'll quiet down on that for now.

to love or
the house of cozy?
what do you think?

***update*** okay, i loved jodi's name the house of cozy but i heard what nancy was saying... so i decided to keep the name to love and subtitle it in the house of cozy.  best of both worlds.  what do you think?***


  1. I vote for cozy! xD but To Love is lovable.

  2. Well, I would pretty much tell you to go ahead and do what the Acorn tells you, because she is wise beyond her years. But I'm kind of a fan of To Love, and I love the way you title your posts in the infinitive. I guess that's the grammar nerd in me.

    And because I know you love well.

  3. Cozy is good, but it's not so much of a house you live in, as it is a home. The cozy home. That's you my dear. But then again, I hate grammar.

  4. Both names describe you so much! I think you should combine them..."to love: in the cozy house" or something. *smile*

  5. Oh they both are great, what about "a cozy house to love" ... or a cozy house of love... OR leave it alone.

  6. I love both, but I'm glad you kept "To Love" because whenever I come here that is what I feel and see :)