to battle perfection {aka to be okay with sucking}

she bows head and
sobs uncontrollably into arm.
this sweet, sensitive young girl
of mine.

she longs to do
and know
everything perfectly, and when
she falls short her
emotions overflow.

"we cannot be perfect my dear,
there is ONLY ONE."

i put arms tight around her and
hold her close,
bring her face to gaze on mine.

and deep in her,
i see me.
i know her longing, her desire,
her need.
as a child it consumed me
and even today i draw sword of
breath and prayer and
praise and eyes which see
to battle.

perfection... the need to be.
to get it all right,
be the first to finish,
the one with the answer.
the one who does best.

my need began to fall off me,
slow chipping away of stone
when the PERFECT ONE took my burdens 
upon Himself.
He broke through hardness, raining
showing me He loved me  
just as i am and that
when i fail HE succeeds
for me.
He showed me that when  
i am last, i am first.

wrapping my little girl in my arms
i remind her,
as i so often need to be

The Perfect One loves you...
He loves you.
and He doesn't love you perfect,
He loves you just as you are.
breathe in this truth...
if we were perfect we wouldn't
need anyone,
we wouldn't need Him.

you will do your very best my dear,
and when
you fall,  
He will always be there to 
lift you up.

transform your tears into
tears of
joy... joy
for not needing to be perfect.
joy that failure is okay.

she smiles softly beneath long curly hair
and i take deep breath and
smile too...

i needed the reminder myself.


  1. perhaps all of us needed this reminder, sweet amy. xo

  2. There are things--many deep things--I would not have truly understood about God and the gospel, unless God had given me the children I have. If I can get it right, I really don't need Jesus.

    Your girl has such a wise mama. Love you.

  3. Beautiful... just so good. Yes the perfect one... is all we need.

  4. How we fight the lie of perfection, how it tortures us each in our way. My daughter, myself... we echo these tender thoughts too. Thank you for your words, for reminding me we aren't alone and that the Perfect One is all we need.

  5. "even today i draw sword of
    breath and prayer and
    praise and eyes which see
    to battle.

    perfection... "

    Beautiful! And me too :)

    Boo is just the same! She has an inner perfectionist streak. Wonder who she gets it from ;)
    Your girl is so beautiful :)

  6. oh friend. you speak to the soul. thank you. and what beautiful photos...