to overwhelm you with photos and quotes...

if you are from here,
you know it and
if you are not from here,
you want to know it.
this barn which
offers autumn's delight and
provides joy in great abundance.
it was no surprise the twins chose
to spend their birthday there...

 For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together.  For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad.  ~Edwin Way Teale

It was one of those perfect English autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life.  ~P.D. James

No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace
As I have seen in one autumnal face.
~John Donne

There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!  ~Percy Bysshe Shelley

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to invite you to tea and go under wildwood

there's a cup of chai tea steeping on
the coffee table and
a living room full of empty furniture.
won't you join me?

i'll tell you about all these things which are
bringing me joy today,
such as the chicken layla just completed knitting...
{and yes,
the recipient asked for a blue chicken}

and what about the package which arrived in
the mail today?
if you know of our obsession with
the decemberists,
colin meloy and
wildwood then
it will come to no surprise to you that
we preordered this book immediately and
have been {im}patiently awaiting it's
arrival for months.
it arrived...

it is currently being fought over
by numerous hands.

one of our cats was missing for two days and
then suddenly we heard meowing.
from the sky.
he was stuck in a tree about 65 feet high.
the kids shook food at the base of the tree
for an hour,
and down he came.
he is recuperating and being spoiled.

the twins turn 5 on friday.
i cannot wait to give them their gifts,
two of which were made by my beautiful friend
{i'll post photos when they get them.  she makes amazing things.}
but i am also in shock that they are going to be 5.

speaking of the twins,
they loved the first day of autumn.
every day since they have woken up and
asked me if it is still fall.
when i answer that it is they scream in excitement,
"it's fall!  it's fall!"
i feel like screaming that too.

i will.

and now that i have screamed
you are probably ready to finish your tea and head
thanks for the tea and the chat.
have a lovely day.

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to be visited by an autumn fairy and a penguin

this weekend was filled with
surprises and a  bit of excitement,
with my heart all a flutter i woke on autumn's
first day and was delighted to see the fruits
of a visit from the autumn fairy
the night before...

felt pumpkins and
signs welcoming autumn,
such a gift to have a daughter stay up
to bring joy to us,
and  oh. what joy it was.

midday brought another surprise when
a package was delivered
for that 10 year old autumn fairy,
and we were so confused...
until we noticed the return address was penguin group...
and then we squealed a bit for
two months ago bookworm daughter {aka autumn fairy} had
acquired a used book, an old copy of a dickens book,
with a page in the back asking 80 cents sent to the {now nonexistent,
bought out years ago by penguin} publisher
if you want a copy of bleak house,
and miss layla sent the 80 cents with a letter
which read,
"hi i am layla, i am 10 years old.
i have an old book which tells me i can send 80 cents and
get a copy of bleak house.  i know it costs much more now,
but i love reading and dickens,
(i have read many of his books) and
just thought i would try.  thank you."

and now she had received a response,
a letter from the sales manager thanking her
and telling her how excited he was to hear from her,
that he was sending her bleak house along with two of his
favorites from when he was her age,
all a gift from penguin.
he sent her 80 cents back,
and asked her to write back and let him know
what she thinks of the books.

that was a highlight of the year,
and layla has not stopped smiling,
and neither have i.

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to say IT"S HERE!!!!

because i have been crying about it for months now,

because it is finally here,

because i woke up with a large smile,

because i am rejoicing {am i just a bit cheesy, oh yes},

i just had to post to inform you,
my friends,

time for cocoa and cider,
fire and blankets,
stories by candlelight,
baked deliciousness a plenty,
walks bundled in knit sweaters,
oh i am in love.


to find rhythm and draw terribly

to combat the chaos of a {very}
large family,
we try to bring a bit of stability,
to our days.
we have seasonal rhythms,
weekly rhythms and
daily rhythms,
{ i think}
these rhythms provide the calm
my children thrive on.

daddy doesn't work on mondays and so
we use monday as a day to relax and be free...
tuesday is our drawing day,
wednesday handwork day,
thursday baking day,
friday nature/seasonal craft day and
saturday painting day.

layla and josiah's nature collage


as the ocean ebbs and flows,
so we do throughout our days and weeks,
and no matter what comes our way we
are able to come back to a place of peace and
always knowing what to do,
what to pick up,
what comes next.

drawing day
{and this photo, my moment
shared with amanda}


 moses wanted me to draw him
a ghost with a sword and a helmet and
a shield fighting a dragon...
i can't draw... here lies the evidence.
he cried because i didn't 
draw them right.
and so when the day is thrown off kilter by
an unforeseen grocery trip or
an extraordinarily grumpy child {or mama},
a sick baby or
just about anything,
we can come back to a place of calm,
moving past the chaos and into
the next note in our rhythm.


to be cozy?

so i'm trying on a name change...

the house of cozy...

let me know what you think.
to love
the house of cozy?

i must say, i'm mighty cozy here today,
9 am and still in pajamas,
pearl napping,
little kids playing and
a full cup of coffee in my hand.
forecast of 90 today.
i'm crying a bit about that.
almost finished with book 3 of
the 100 cupboards series,
and i am quite in love with these books.

sorry about my frustrated ramblings yesterday,
i just have a difficult time with this modern church and
especially the way children are often viewed
and treated {i have some stories}
but i'll quiet down on that for now.

to love or
the house of cozy?
what do you think?

***update*** okay, i loved jodi's name the house of cozy but i heard what nancy was saying... so i decided to keep the name to love and subtitle it in the house of cozy.  best of both worlds.  what do you think?***


to have a weekend and a soap box

lots of knitting happening around these parts
as we count down the days until autumn,
though mid day you wouldn't know it was so close
with temperatures in the 90's {what?}
but cooling down beautifully at night makes for
deep snuggling together under quilts and blankets.
books being devoured,
imaginative play happening throughout the house,
pearl taking a few steps with a walker {i'm not ready}

this weekend has been quite relaxing and
no church today as we are still in limbo,
but there is such peace in lazy days,
reading the bible together,
at home,
cup of tea in hand and
baby on lap.
as we spoke of church and why we were not
attending anywhere currently,
my 8 year old said,
"mama, do you know what church is?
church is a place you go and read the bible together
but they don't let the kids listen,
they make them go to another room and play...
like it doesn't matter to the kids or they are too
stupid to understand."
and i sorrowed that this is what the kids are experiencing and
yet was so grateful that he noticed and
that we are able to remove him from that
show him different.
show him it does matter and we
know he can understand. and
so we read, talk,
laugh and love and
know what is right for us will come around...
and tonight sunday nacho night is upon us,
a favorite regular meal for us all.

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