to turn 30 and learn 30 things

so as of today i have been breathing
for 30 years.  it's about time.
i have felt much older for awhile now,
being that i have so many kids and the
majority of my friends are older than me,
so it's fitting that i am no longer in my 20's.
and since i am filled with so much wisdom,
{cough, cough}
i decided to share with you the most important
things i have learned each of my
30 years.

ha.. let's begin...

one: comfort is a beautiful thing.
two: mobility is phenomenal and dangerous
three: older brothers are amazing and annoying
four: i love to learn.
five: divorce sucks
six:  four parents means two christmases
seven: moving away from your daddy is hard
eight: flying back and forth between two families every other weekend is tiring
nine: older brothers are amazing and annoying {yes, i learned this again}
ten: being an actress is hard work
eleven: i want to be around family but mine is never around
twelve: i am certainly different than all those giggly girls
thirteen: it's hard for me to make close friends
fourteen: i crave attention {and back then would have done anything to get it}
fifteen: i am so. so. different

 15 year old little hippie

sixteen: i do not want to be like the other kids in the hospital
seventeen: Jesus saves
eighteen: God still speaks
nineteen: marriage is more beautiful than i could have imagined

twenty: motherhood is the most. special. thing.

me, brand new mom, and layla, my first born

twenty one: there are some pains in this world that you cannot wake up from.
twenty two: God is good, God is here, God is real, God "works all things out for the good of those who love
twenty three: there is no place like home.
twenty four: that cheesy saying is actually true... you have to let go and let God
twenty five: God has a sense of humor
twenty six: sometimes God leads you through the desert, but He does lead you.
twenty seven: there are lots of people who just don't like children. i must ignore them.
twenty eight: there's no place like home {yes, i learned this again, too.}
twenty nine: God is so much more beautiful, mysterious and amazing than we can even begin to comprehend

and now what will thirty teach me?
whatever it is,
i hope thirty is a season of peace.      


  1. Happy Birthday Amy !
    I wish for years and years of peace in your life.

  2. Amazing...walk through your years. good to remember where you came from.

  3. What a great list! Happy Birthday - again. And again. LOVE the old pictures (and the newer ones, too.)

  4. Oh dearest girl. I missed your birthday! And such an important one too! :) I remember feeling that same way when I crossed the 30-line. *Whew* Finally!

    I hope your day was absolutely marvelous. It looks like it was. I love the trip through memory lane year by year....I feel like I know you better now!