to melt

it's a strange thing,
this thing we call weather,
especially here,
this county i grew up in.
the ocean is fifteen minutes to the west and
then there is this hill which separates my town
from the ocean and another hill which separates
my town from another town
fifteen minutes south.
so if you drive over the hill, west,
to the ocean,
the temperature drops twenty degrees.
if you drive down the hill,
the temperature drops ten degrees and if you drive
ten minutes south of there
it drops another ten degrees.

this weather.

well i grew up in the town
fifteen minutes south of here and so
when it is ten degrees warmer up here
i simply melt.
i just cannot handle ninety degree weather.
the good thing is,
all i have to do is drive fifteen minutes west or south
and i drop ten to twenty degrees.
let's be honest,
with seven kids it's rather unlikely.
instead i'll sit here in my house
{my un-air conditioned house...
because no one has air conditioning near the ocean}

{oh autumn,
where art thou?}

hot day living...

{notice the lack of clothes}

i've been hanging out with these kids and
tending to these addictions of mine...

reading mitten strings for god,
which i read at least once a year and
it is the perfect summer book when you are
melting and
sticky and
can't move.
and i'm still knitting pearl's leg warmers
so they will be ready for those oh so blessed,
please come soon,
autumn days.
though thinking about leg warmers in this heat
is making me gag a bit.

oh yeah,
it pains me a little to mention it but
suddenly pearl is doing this...
and then,
if you are my buddy on the fb you probably
read this, so bear with me,
but hannah and i were discussing compost, recycling and trash.
asking me what to do with different things,
shattered glass,
a broken ball, etc.
she then asked,
"what if you have a chicken and you are holding a pair of scissors
while you are holding your chicken and you accidentally cut off
its feet?"
she fell into hysterics.
and yes,
i told her compost.

and now back to the heat...


  1. How are you able to knit when you are melting? I'm impressed!

  2. You remind me that I'm spoiled w/ the a/c. Didn't grow up w/ it. Love it, love it.

  3. Love this, Amy. Yeah. Pretty much every word.

  4. That is a goofy girl, with her chicken comment.
    I am a fall person. DO not like 90 degree days, do enjoy my air conditioned house.

  5. SO I'm guessing you aren't planning on visiting me this weekend, when it's supposed to be 111?
    I'm lucky to be alive over here, barely functioning, barely moving. BECAUSE ITS SO FREAKING HOT!

    I think that chicken story is HILARIOUS! Save it forever. Pull it out when you start to melt.
    I miss you and you're adorable children and your cozy home. xoxooox

  6. Oh I yearn for Autumn too Amy and it's only 20 degrees and cloudy here :)
    Just move to England, you are clearly suited to our weather :)