to homeschool {or i am so glad i don't have to ship my twins away}

they run and giggle,
those twins of mine,
chasing black and yellow,
beauty of tiger swallowtail and
we lay under plum tree as
titmice flit from branch to branch and
we count each one we see.

she climbs into my lap,
finger in her mouth and
fingers of other hand twirling her hair and
she whispers,
"i want you mama,"
and i whisper back,
"i want you too."
she snuggles close as
her twin skips through grass and
baby crawls off blanket, amazed at feeling of
green under her knees.

i sigh so grateful for
this way of life deemed homeschooling
as it dawns on me that these two girls
would be gone now,
under the care of someone else,
the year they would begin kindergarten and
the year these two carefree girls,
the ones who still suck fingers and twirl hair,
who crawl in mama's lap when they get tired,
who just
want mama,
these girls who love and learn and live,
would begin a slow and steady separation...

we pull diapers down off the line
as we make our way back indoors,
to the older siblings lost in different worlds and
and spend rest of day in childhood's secret world,
playing, imagining,
being and
when suppertime arrives they grate cheese and
chop onions and numerous
times throughout the day we
cuddle close to read and talk and love.

and how could i miss all this?
what a waste of life it would be.
i fall into bed at end of day
exhausted but
so grateful to be here,
with them,
for each of these moments,
and that these little ones will get to
their childhoods,
not be separated,
not be forced to grow and experience
too quickly,


  1. Oh Amy, no words! This was just beautiful:)
    Your girls are precious :)

  2. So beautiful, Amy! We are blessed indeed!