to write something

i can hardly hear the voice over the banging
and joyous screaming
of my children
someone is trying to speak to me
but so much noise
beautiful chaos
and there is no sound
that can break through

and someone once told me i should write poetry
but i laughed and said they were crazy,
that you had to be able to hear and see
beyond the obvious,
and i was incapable of that depth,
that i never even understood the poems
i read,
until i read them again
and again
then i went even further and told her
i hated rhymes

i'll stick to regular ole prose
i said,
and she smirked,
we'll see...

then when words starting flowing
like a river that burst through its dam,
and i couldn't stop them,
they just appeared written down,
and i couldn't make sentences for the life of me,
but i refused to call it poetry,

a sea of beautiful words,
and everything that i poured out
was decorated in a lack of grace
and i still couldn't hear very well,
and the children came,
one after another,
and i heard less and less...

until i heard His voice,
whispering so loudly i couldn't avoid it,
and He told me i could hear
if i chose,
i could see
if i looked
and He would give me words,
and i could tell my story
and i might think it sounded like
"clanging cymbals"
but someone would hear  poetry...

and i found her again,
or maybe she found me,
and i didn't know she read my words,
but she laughed and said,
"see, i told you you should write poetry."


  1. You better believe it's poetry, my girl - cuz it surely, surely is. I got this one and the lovely picture set about summer fun and birthday fun and baby fun in one email - joy, oh joy. Thanks so much for your wonderful, loving work over here - and in your home.

  2. Poetry scares me. Truly.

    But I love your words and your heart. And you.

  3. Beautiful... what a gift you have been given and don't ever think it is not a worthy 'one'... God is with you and will lead you into a place of writing as you can listen and learn of him.