to stand again

* i am revisiting this post,
dusting myself off and standing again...
and remembering when my little moses,
now 2 1/2,
was just a little baby*

he's just starting to stand,
and inevitably he wobbles and falls,
as i fall,
broken and bruised
and my weak self,
longs to stay there,
but he is youngest of six, strong baby
and he climbs back up again,
not even weary of the last fall,
he trusts it will be okay,
and i am stained but grace covered mama,
desperate to push aside remembrance of the last fall,
to trust Him to sustain me...

and together we stand again,
yet standing.

*and oh,
pearl looks so much like
he did then.*

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  1. Wobbling to stand with you, my friend! Glad you re-posted. Don't think I caught this the first time.