to love {hardy har har}

book love:::
board books awaiting pearl,
books for mama to devour and
books waiting to be read come fall...


 blanket hiding love:::
this went on for an hour.
they were hiding from the monster.
eventually i learned the monster was me.

music love:::
oh yeah...

contemplating love:::
this time c.s. lewis has my back...

summer love:::
no, not summer lovin'.
this is not grease,
olivia newton john is not hiding in my yard...

 mama love:::

baby love::: 

birthday love:::
she got a bow and arrow
{and is already a perfect shot}
had a bonfire complete with smores and
camped outside with daddy and the siblings.
so far ten is a good year.

poor little pearl had a long day.
passed right out on the birthday girl.
my oldest and my youngest girls.
be still
my heart
be still.


  1. Very sweet. Love the books, children pics, smiles,

  2. I love it! :-) She is really beautiful and I love the pic of her with Pearl asleep on her!!! I loved talking to her yesterday! Thanks so much for letting her call me!