to knit and read and chat

i made a pair of these leg warmers when pearl was just born,
but in a smaller size for her newborn legs and
so i am knitting them again, in a beautiful burnt orange,
perfect for the impending autumn which i am waiting for
on that note,
it has been fall like here,
with breath catching autumn temperatures and
i made chili for dinner last night for it just fit,
and i am so hoping this lasts and transfers,
so perfectly,
into fall...
though i am certain it will fade and the heat,
the sunshine will rain down once more.

reading jayber crow again,
this peaceful book i cannot get enough of and
read at least once a year,
also reading endangered minds and it is fascinating,
the research on the changing brain and media's role.
it is such a confirmation to me of our
decision to embrace a way of life which is filled with
creation and includes a minimal exposure to
screens. i love to hear my children play and talk,
see their creations and inventions and
be with them. 
in fact,
i'm going to go do that now,
be with them.

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  1. That book looks fascinating!
    And those leg warmers are so very sweet and cosy looking :)