to have a weekend and a broken dryer

broken dryer,
and with 7 kids and cloth diapers,
that. just. stinks.
baby crawling
garden growing
family photos from
a beautiful old friend.
roasting marshmallows outside
around the firepit.
crockpot pizza in the slowcooker.
seeing sister home visiting
from new zealand.
daughter's creating, learning.
{thank you suzy for this idea,
layla used it and made a purse for
that visiting sister of mine}
and baby has found the basket of board books...
preparing house for a guest.
drinking dark coffee and reading lots,
knitting lots.
welcoming that lovely  friend's new baby.
praying lots.
loving lots.
it's been peaceful...
all but the broken dryer.

***update: awesome husband fixed the dryer.  it's a good day.
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  1. So sorry to hear about your dryer! I know it isn't easy to handle laundry for a large family especially when you cloth diaper - not having a dryer would make it that much harder. Hopefully your dryer will be fixed soon!

  2. I'm so happy that Layla had fun making the felt purse :)
    Boo really loves hers :)
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful weekend!
    I hope your dryer gets fixed soon!

  3. Sorry about the dryer. Do you have a clothes line? Sweetest children EVER.

  4. broken dryer would really be annoying. Well anything broken that I use frequently would be annoying-so glad it was fixed. Love the snaps of your weekend!

  5. I remember when my kids were little and our dryer died in the winter. Nothing like collecting frozen cloth diapers off the clothesline. Yuck! My stove broke last week. Not fixable. Oh, well. I'm glad your sissy is here to visit. My grandbaby, along with her parents, will be visiting from NZ in January. Can't wait!

  6. So much fun to read about all the simple goodness going on. Enjoy!

  7. Glad to see your update. :) ... But especially inspired by your positive outlook in spite of the broken parts.