to have nothing and yet still ramble

i have nothing.
no stories to tell,
no insight to share,
no prose to {try and} encourage with,

snotty sick face

it's been really slow here,
we have been sick for like three weeks,
three different things,
one on top of the other,
and i have been doing lots of cleaning,
it's actually quite refreshing.
the simplifying,
not the sick.

it's really terrible trying to nurse a baby
who cannot breathe through her nose.
heartbreaking, really.
aw, nose clear up soon please.

i read to kill a mockingbird again,
haven't read it since 9th grade but
ian loves it and reads at least twice a year so
i decided to read it again and
my oh my
what a masterpiece.
reading it in school didn't do it justice
because i had this prejudice against it
just because
i had to read it and answer a bajillion pointless
comprehension questions and do
vocabulary exercises and try to analyze it and
all that stuff.
makes for built in hatred and boredom.
i am so glad i gave it a second chance.

that's one of those reasons we homeschool.
allowing our children to love to learn,
to view learning as life.
there is no line between the two and
without the idea that
"school is what i must do in order to get on with my life"
our children have a passion for
they devour books and they think about things,
they build relationships and learn to care and
we spend much time discussing and debating and

now i'm reading pilgrim at tinker creek
for a slow, drink it in book and
just finding peace in the simplicity and
of the poetic writing. 
and sewing something from this book
for layla who will be ten on sunday,
oh how can that be?

we went to the beach,
to the fireworks on 4th of july and
it was foggy and cool,
pearl slept in her ergo and i
would have amazing photos but
when i went to pull my camera out it wouldn't work
for there was no memory card,
i forgot to put it back in.
no pictures.
but it was magical.
and the twins were scared.
and pearl slept through it all.

and now two of our hens are laying eggs
and that is truly exciting.
the kids love running out and waiting 
and bringing the eggs in.

 then there's this one.
the one we had named greta.
greta decided to become a rooster
so now we call him gus.
i have heard terrible things about roosters,
but i really love him.
i love to wake up early,
walk into my kitchen to start the coffee and
hear him crowing outside.
my neighbors on the other hand,
not so sure they are as
enamored as i am.
a beautiful friend lost her mama recently,
please pray for her.

time to make tea for these sick kiddos.
for having nothing to say,
i sure said a lot of nothing.
thanks for listening.


  1. I think you said a lot of something. I felt as if I had a lovely visit at your place.:)Amy, your home is full of light and life.

    1. oh jodi, you are welcome to have a real visit any time. soon please!

  2. Just love you. I want you to come over and have tea. Why must you live in California when you were so obviously made to live in Oregon? :)

    Prayers for health. Glad for the respite, the cleaning, the simplifying, good things.

    love you.

    1. seriously. i have actually been telling my husband for years that i belong in oregon and he always responds by telling me the speed limit is too low there. i don't know. maybe someday.

  3. It was like hanging out on your couch. Love that.

  4. Awww, we had the bugs last week, poor little Pearl:(
    I have been meaning to read "To Kill a Mockingbird" forever.
    Thank you for reminding me!
    What you said made me think of how I found Shakespeare so hard to digest at school. I have totally rediscovered him through homeschooling!
    Hoping you are all feeling better soon.