to cook organically {GIVEAWAY}

i. love. this. book.

it has been awhile since the day this package appeared on my
front step with anni daulter's
organic family cookbook
and i immediately began to read through it,
loving every photo,
every bit of greening advice,
every recipe making my mouth water.

and then my husband browsed through it
with constant admonitions,
"that looks good,"
"when are you going to make that one for me,"
and then on to the children,
from oldest to {almost} youngest,
and i knew this book would be well used.

but i wasn't ready to write the review.
i had to cook my way through some of it first.
and we made baked parmesan crusted artichoke.
simple quinoa with peas and corn became one of moses'
favorite meals.
baked buttermilk donuts... oh. my. word.
the twins helped me make stone soup and
were enamored with the whole process,
particularly searching for stones.

and then there was this dinner...
whole roasted herb chicken with roast veggies and
dark chocolate dipping sauce...
oh yes.
each and every one of us was in love,
well all but the wee nursing babe,
moses had chocolate everywhere.

this book is filled with tips, recipes, photos, ideas and
just about everything you could want.
it is a piece of art...
especially for a crunchy mama like me
{look jodi, i'm finally claiming that crunchy title}.

and because i love it so much
i want you to have a copy and
anni has generously offered to give one away...
so leave a comment and you'll be entered,
like organic family cookbook on facebook and be entered again and
if you do anything else typical of these giveaway thingys
comment and tell me and you can be entered again.
and the giveaway will end friday the 27th.
did i cover everything?  okay.
the end. :)

****Giveaway is closed.... The winner, picked through, is.... Amy! 
Email me your address please {}, and Anni will send a copy off to you asap.


  1. I just became aware of this book, and I did like it on facebook! :) Since having my son Chili (10 months old), I am doing everything organic and would loooove to have this cookbook!

  2. I checked this book out from the local library and loved it! Would love my own copy!

  3. I have "liked" the Organic Family Cookbook on Facebook

  4. I "liked" The Organic Family Cookbook on FB. I've had the Honey Whole Wheat bread nd my 4 yr old son loves it!

  5. What a great book. I would love to add it to my library.

  6. I am so happy to have stumbled upon your blog mama. I've been catching up here, and I am so blessed you have so much to offer and that you find the time to blog about your life and your faith and family. I am excited about your giveaway, I have heard good things about this book ;)

    Thank you so much for the offer to all of us. I have a few Waldorf doll and pattern giveaways in my near future, you should come check it out! We have a growing family of four boys under five, we are starting an organic farm and have just launched a Waldorf doll/natural toy business last year so it's been a busy and wild ride, we are thankful to God ;)

    Many Blessings to you and your family!


  7. I would love a copy! I have her first book, and love it and use it all the time!

  8. Wow. It looks so awesome. I love recipe books with pictures. And I peeked on Amazon, and this one has really good stuff in it. I put it on my 'wish list'. Thanks for sharing it, Amy!

  9. Pick me, pick me!

    While I'm making a comment anyway...I have been wanting to say just how impactful your blog is, how true your words ring to me, how much they bless my soul. Thank you for speaking bold truth and love! God bless you for it!

  10. What a beautiful giveaway Amy, but please don't enter me. Shipping across the pond et al :)
    I'll be adding it to my Amazon wishlist though :)
    Stone soup has intrigued me now!

  11. ME!!!!!! pick MEEEEEEEE! Looking at my bookshelf Mike asked "how maney cookbooks does one woman need?" Then I made him an awesome meal,afterwards he said. "please forget about that stupid question I asked you earlier" wah-wah xD

  12. I have been wanting this one. : )
    I found your blog via Tonya awhile back. Thank you for your words.

  13. okay, i would love to enter for a chance to win this groovy cookbook ! :)))

  14. I am entering!!! For both me and my mom!!! Don't tell her though! it's a surprise!!! :)

  15. Well usually if you post about a giveaway you get an extra point so I posted!!!