to stay in a house and eat and visit

four days have flown,
bird open winged in flight,
with family;
my daddy, his fiance, her son,
my brother, his family and
my 17 year old brother,
at a breathtaking beach house just
30 minutes from us.
we walked,
we laughed,
we ate,
we played,
we ate,
we watched,
we ate,
we sang,
we ate,
we loved,

and it was peaceful,
much needed
time with
each other.

the house {im standing on the beach taking this picture}...

view from the windows...

sailor at the entrance...

stained glass in kitchen ceiling...


pearl meeting 2 month old cousin keaton...

layla on an early morning beach walk
{and right after this picture my camera died,
i had forgotten my charger and
had to drive home to get it}...

pearl with her uncle christian,
{apparently she is doing her touchdown
victory dance}...

pismo at sunset...


josiah says to me,
"mama, ian said that is whale pee...
but i think he was joking.
is it whale pee?"

 newly 17 year old ian...

daddy's fiance and her soon to be granchild pearl
{so happy for my daddy! she is a beautiful,
amazing woman and i am so pleased to
welcome her to this family!}

josiah and cousin addison
{she adores him, and no,
he's not crying even though he looks it,
she was just hugging him for a really
long time and i think he was done}

hannah and daddy
and she never knew there was
a dolphin jumping on her head...

ian, pearl and my brother christian...

my beautiful, amazing
sister in law stephanie and
keaton {camera shy}...

good morning pearl

photos of layla and josiah from the house
{yes, i was spying}

my brother and daddy playing...
elvish checkers
toys and cereal and rocks
{yes, it is a game... google it}

hello handsome brother

hello handsome daddy
{don't they look so much alike}

hello angel face

hello sick moses
{yep, sick on his last day}

hello twins and cousin addison,
how's that hot tub?

hello handsome husband
playing me some music with
an ocean behind you...

if you're still with me,
thanks for indulging me.
we had an amazing time
now we are home with three
sick kiddos.
the end.



  1. Gorgeous!!!! Just lovely photos, Amy...I especially love the feet in the waves with sunlight reflecting!

  2. These picture just make me smile, they are so perfect:)

    ...Whale pee, lol! I'm going to have to tease my girls with that one :)

  3. Big family gathering vacations are always fun! Looks like you are enjoying yourself immensely :)

  4. Loved, loved, LOVED THIS. Beautiful family, beautiful time together. I'd love info on that house as we are always looking for places to house our 16 for a few days at a time. Thanks so much for letting us peek into your idyll - glorious.

  5. Happiness! And I love Pearl's stick with me, kid grip on her cousin. :)

  6. It sounds wonderful, how lovely to have so much family around you!