to say i'm moving to canada and find joy at a garage sale

i became a christian when
i was 17 {and yes, i'm pretty sure everyone who reads here knows that by now}
and i try
not to forget the way i felt
before and
what i thought of most christians and
i try
not to be like that.
and sometimes i wonder what
all those christians thought of me,
all the ones i went to school with from
barbie days to high school,
the ones who saw my
punk rock clothes and
heard me spew profanity at times,
watched me switch from boyfriend to boyfriend
and heard me tell a math class,
"if george bush is elected president,
i'm moving to canada." {yep, i said that,
rebellious little anarchist that i was}.
did their parents tell them not to hang around me
or were they allowed to be welcoming,
love me anyway?

there was this one girl.
we were in school together since elementary and
everyone knew she was a christian and
she was one of the nicest girls
no matter what i did or said or
how i looked she
would always smile at me and say
i hadn't seen her since graduation.
until this past saturday.
husband took me garage saling
and we pulled up at a house near mine.
there she was.
sitting in the driveway.
and when she saw me her face lit up and
she rose from chair and cried,
"amy!" and gave me this
hug reserved for the best and
she gushed over pearl and asked to hold her,
she met my husband and introduced her
four babes and
when i told her i had six more at home she
smiled and
asked names.
when i told her the names she looked confused
and yet delighted and
"those are biblical names!"
and i nodded,
she came in close and whispered,
"are you a christian now?"
i smiled,
told her yes,
and she
mouth wide open,
breaking into grin and
i don't think i've ever seen such genuine
joy, such amazement.
she was beautiful.

and it made me think of what all those kids thought of me
back then.
they may have thought me rebellious,
or a heathen or
a lost cause,
but i know what she saw,
even back in the doll days,
the punk rock days,
the defiant days...
a broken, wandering child
in need of a Father's love and
her heart soared when she learned


  1. What a gift it was to run into her.

  2. So tender, especially in your hands. Loved this. Love your heart.

  3. You cannot know how refreshing this is for me to read - it gives me real hope for the future of the church, as a matter of fact. As long as there a few salty young ones around, all is not lost. All is not lost. This is beautiful, Amy. And so are you. And so is she.

  4. I love your quirky, grace-filled style of keeping all things real. I love that you make me ponder and reflect both the past and the live-it-now moments...
    shine on...

  5. I'm so glad you were "found" too, Amy! This is a great story of redemption and I LOVE to hear about God's redemption. And I think just about everyone who's had a painful past needs a period of rebellion. Otherwise you end up with some crazy mid-life crisis. You just got yours out of the way early! :)

  6. smiles....that is awesome...i love her reaction and hey a new found friendship renewed as well maybe...been there on the rebellion side and know i drop a few jaws occassionally...smiles...

    and i just said that the other day about mitt...hehe...

  7. Aww... such beautiful story. I love the way your friend saw you the same before and after you became a Christian. Such an amazing example of someone loving like Jesus.
    Thanks for sharing, Amy!

  8. SO cool. i love meeting genuine believers. a beautiful story, dear amy. thank you.