to read stuff and knit stuff and be hot

the heat of summer has moved in
and so our mornings are spent outdoors
while cool from ocean lingers and when
sun beats down and this mama,
not accustomed to much heat,
cannot take it any longer,
we head indoors to games,
books and

so i'm knitting a simple baby blanket for
dear friends' first baby and
i am definitely no where near where i need to be
so i really
need to knit quicker.
i love the bronte sister books,
but i have never read
the tenant of wildfell hall by anne
and i always heard it's not one of the best,
but i have to tell you,
{and i'm whispering now,
for i might be black listed}
i am
with it.
i think it tops jane eyre and
wuthering heights.
and i love both of those.
and i can see why some might not like it.
i do.
it's beautiful.
it's raw.
it's poetic.
so you should read it.

and i just had to post this picture of
"soupy hero moses"
as he has dubbed himself.

that's it.

linking with yarn along...


  1. Thank you! I took your book suggestion and got it for my (kindle for free!) Though it may sit there until snow flies, as I have other wonderful books waiting for me, but not much time to read long books lately...
    And what a lovely blanket, and the colors, and how amazing I think people are that can do that.
    What a person you are. God bless.

    1. oh i'm so glad! it's really really good! when you get around to it, i think you'll love it.

  2. My daughter Emmy is a big Bronte fan! I'll have to pass on the reccomendation :)
    Your blanket is beautiful. I love that fresh summery green!

  3. Awww! Everyone needs a Soupy Hero that cute in their lives. :-)