to meet an ostrich

we load 4 youngest children into van and
turn on johnny cash,
our favorite driving music.
after stopping by
starbucks for a chai and
a coffee,
we drive down highway to the
beach and
it's midafternoon and
chilly and unbelievably windy but
we are going to see
and her beautiful family.
and so we brave wind and cold,
arriving at the beach to
meet someone i've never met
face to face but whom
i feel like i have known forever and
we laugh as our husband's meet
because we know their words are
making fun of us,
two blog friends meeting in this
real world and
dragging their families along
for the ride.

and the wind blows,
hair in face,
sand in eyes,
children crying and cold and
all we can do is laugh at this,
our first meeting,
and how you would have to be
to be at the beach in this weather,
and oh wait,
we are.

and it's too windy for kite to fly,
too cold to play,
babies lips are turning purple and
so we go.
they drive to our house and
we {rather, husband} makes them
dinner and
we eat and talk and
laugh and
it's strange how real this friendship can be
even though it's the first time
we have met
in person.
we tell our husband's to start blogs so
they can be blog friends,
but they {kindly} decline,
the blog at least,
they will be friends without one.

and when they leave i thank my husband
for doing all this for me,
and my strange friendship and
he thanks me too,
for these,
his new friends.


  1. Is it possible to be so happy and so jealous at the same time? sniffle. xox

  2. What an adventure! We are ALL so happy to count you all as real life friends now. Thank you so much for everything! Especially the tri tip and saaalsa.

    1. finished the saaalsa... you'll have to come get more.

  3. So fun! I'm jealous of you and the ostrich!

  4. How wonderful... friendships are so good... if I lived closer I would come visit too.

  5. It's wonderful and so beautiful!

  6. Okay, so when are you coming to England :)

  7. Replies
    1. we'll have to do it soon. you're only like 12 hours away or something!