would you like to take a mother's day drive with us?

he spent an hour making me a feast,
all my favorites for breakfast and
none of the little ones wanted to eat it,
so only a few of us ate and there was tons
left over,
and we just laughed.

and we decided to take a drive,
packed up all the kids and headed over
the hill
to the beach and
isn't it funny how what is supposed to be relaxing,
when you're a mama,
and your children are with you,
always ends up being so much work...
to the car with the baby,
carrying the toddler,
back to the car,
building cheese and cracker sandwiches,
emptying shoes out,
back to the car,
comforting the crying child,
walking to the water,
back to the car,
packing up,
back to the car...
and we just laughed.

and this is mother's day,
and this is how it should be,
and this is the point,
and i wouldn't have it

the drive there

at the beach

{moses was  really excited about this face.
i told him to smile and this is what he did.
and didn't stop for 3 minutes until i made him.
i took about 20 pictures of him making this one face.}

the drive home

{my husband and i dream of buying this building,
and planting a church in it}

{yes that is my hot husband's arm
with a bit of tattoo showing}

just pulled up,
home at last...
pearl and moses are crying,
the twins are asleep and
ian is car sick.

and i had a beautiful mother's day.
hope you did too.
thanks for taking that drive with us :)


  1. No one in my house remembered until the middle of the afternoon when someone said Happy Mothers Day. And that was that.

  2. Happy Mother's day Amy!! And what a beautiful drive you took, despite crying and car sickness, these are the moments we will miss the most I think :).

  3. looks like a lovely place to spend the day!!!

  4. So....why wasn't I invited?
    And my mother's day was EXHAUSTING. I had seven kids under seven at my house for a 3 yr old birthday party. I don't know how you do it. But...I'm glad you do.

  5. I love your attitude,and i hope your dreams come true.

  6. oh, i love this.
    Happy Recovery from Mother's Day day.