to turn 17

you was just a little guy
when i met you and i
wasn't even out of my teens
and in
your squeaky voice you asked me,
"are you going to be my mom?"
and yes,
yes i was.

and we have since grown into a large,
beautiful family and
you have since grown into a wise,
amazing young man and
today you turn 17 and
how can this be?
and i know you will be fine,
when you are off and on your own
although you might not know what to do
without little ones to snuggle and
little hands to hold,
without a house full of people to
battle ideas and thoughts with into the night,
and when you cook dinner
you will cook too much but
at least you will know how to cook...
and i know i'm getting ahead of myself,
you still have one more year before you head off
to college,
into that next phase,
stream flowing into river,
yet i cannot help but think
how quickly
this year will go
so we will try and go slow
this year, relishing every moment
and will laugh when you tell us how,
one day,
we will have to interview for your future wife,
making sure to find a God loving woman
who has a brain and
understands {and is fine with} the fact that
you will name your first daughter
{after agnes in david copperfield}
and when we find someone who loves that name,
you know she will be the one.
so let's take it slow this year,
i know it will be over soon.

and have a wonderful birthday my son,
i am so so pleased with who
you have become.


  1. Awesome. My oldest children who are 27, 25, 22, and 19 all say that being 17 was their hardest age. So pray momma. Pray him through, which I'm sure you do. I sure remember my struggles in the teen years. God was very merciful to me.
    Someone once told me when I was weary of praying for my children, "Well, who else will commit to pray for them for their whole life?" (besides their daddy, of course) or "Who else is even remembering to pray for them often?" That sobered me up to know how crucial my calling was.

  2. Isn't it amazing? my own son age 37 now.
    time does move on and they grow and we see them become 'outstanding citizens' and we are blessed.
    You will find this last season is the most enjoyable and the most hard.
    Letting go and trusting them is a hard process.

  3. Awww what a cool post! How amazing to watch him grow and become a man of God! Happy birthday Ian!

  4. I have one of these sons as well, he turned 19 in March and I am so thankful that Jesus was in the midst of me parenting him because he wouldn't be as normal as he is, if God hadn't shown up. I enjoyed this tribute to your boy- the one God chose for you to parent.

  5. My baby girl turns 8 this weekend. It's moving so.very.fast. Happy birthday to your boy!

  6. So sweet! What a great man you've grown there. He sounds like a smart, funny, deep, thoughtful guy. Happy belated birthday to him! I'm so glad God made you all into a family.