to see in color

i am a foolish person.
i think too much.
when things are black and white
i try to find all the colors
of the rainbow.
when someone thinks of something
as one, two, three,
i count up to one hundred.
i cannot help it.
i do not see things the way most people do.
i think,
i ponder,
i dream,
i question,
i write.
sometimes i think i am all alone on this
tiny planet,
there is no one
not one
who sees as i do,
not one
who understands
my mind,
my ways.
i ramble and
cannot turn off my thoughts and
my thoughts turn to prayers,
without ceasing and
i cry without warning and
i laugh when it is inappropriate to laugh
and you can read me like a book for
my emotions are impossible for me to hide
and where are You Friend who gets me?
where are You when world swims to shore and
i float alone?
there You are,
treading water beside me for
You get me.
You get my color in the black and white,
the one hundred in the few,
You hear my thoughts,
my ramblings,
my dreams as
prayers and
You whisper back,
"it's okay, you're not alone."
and i'm not.
when everyone swims off,
You are here.
and You are all I need. 
You give me eyes to see in color.


  1. Dang, that is some rock!

    You are not alone. I see you. And I love you (I've just been away for a long, long time) :)

    1. isn't it? huge! thank you nancy. i love you too!

  2. you are not alone in your loneliness. if you need a friend with skin who gets you, know that i do. k? k.
    i was going to leave a comment on this one earlier this morning, but i had a boy impatiently waiting for me in the van to go to the library, plus, i was like, trying not to cry. i did anyway.

    1. k. cause i do so i will remember that.

  3. oh, you write a bit of my heart Amy. more than a bit sometimes.

    Peace to you.

  4. Just so beautiful. From the heart. He does know us intimately. That's how I survive. How I make it on hard days. How I take the next step.

  5. This is such a beautiful love poem.
    It speaks my own heart.

  6. This is perfection, Amy. Thank you for this loveliness today, in word and picture.