to explain the controversy

ok so i am still getting messages about my controversial post
which i took down,
but i decided there were enough rumors and questions
so i should at least explain some things...
don't read this if you don't care because
i'll probably just make you mad but
if you had any questions about that post,
then go ahead and read and maybe it will answer them...

1. i do not think we should "do away with our history"
  • i love the history of america. i think it is a beautiful, inspirational story.  i teach my children history using old history books so that they can hear the real story, not some watered down, politically correct version of history.  
  • i do think that many of the founder's were christian.  that is pretty clear if you read their original writings.  i also think many had the intention of making america a land where people were free to worship {or not worship} God in their own way.  i also believe {and this is pretty clear from their writings as well} that they knew it would not last.  that they knew man was man and eventually would undo what they had worked so hard for.
  • i do not think that a nation's founder's beliefs has anything to do with the nation.  i am grateful for what those men and women gave, sacrificed and believed.  i think their intentions were noble and beautiful and that they accomplished much, but in the end that doesn't make america a christian nation.
2. i do not think we should "do away with the flag"
  •  i think the flag is a beautiful symbol of our history and our home.
  •  i think many christians have a misplaced allegiance, giving the flag as much honor, respect and glory as they do the Holy Bible {and sometimes more}
  • a beautiful symbol which we should keep for as long as we are a country, and yet still, just a piece of material... not a Holy object deserving of our reverence.
3. i do not hate america.
  • i love my home.
  • i love the freedoms we have here that many places do not have.
  • i would not want to live anywhere else {except maybe canada. or ireland. or next door to suzy in britain... but for purely selfish and fun reasons}
  • i am not anti america or anti flag {a shout out to a band i used to listen to when i was a young punk rock girl}
4. i do not think it is wrong for christians to like america.
  • i think it is great for people to be appreciative for the place they live and to thank God for it.
  • i, personally, have been around many christians who feel and/or act like being a patriotic american is part of being a christian.  they wear flags, they spend more time talking about america than God, they talk about america being a "chosen country," even "the new zion", and they feel like we are a special people, set apart and favored.   if you do not fit into this catergory, then i'm clearly not talking about you.  
  • i think it is wrong for christians to say "love God and country."  for everything else in life we are to love God, then... example: love God, then family.  love God, then others.  if you don't love God first, you can't really love anything else.  but when it comes to america, patriots put country up there with God by saying love God AND country. {and yes, i realize this may not be what they mean, but it is still what many people hear and i think it is wrong.}
5. i do not think america is a chosen country.
  • a few people gave me the "what about israel" argument.  israel was chosen, the Messiah went to israel, etc.  that has absolutely nothing to do with america. and, i want to humbly ask, so what?  
  • please remember that israel was originally a people, NOT a place.  God gave a land to the people, but israel was the people.
  •  throughout history israel has not been a free country... it has been displaced, ruled over, beaten down, attacked...  i believe israel is a shadow of what God offers us... the people being His people, us and the promised land, zion, being a shadow of Heaven, eternity with Him.  and in our lives we are attacked, displaced, beaten down, we fall... and yet our hope still lies in Him and we know that the Promised Land is ours.  it really has nothing to do with a country... let's remember that the pharisees thought it had to do with a country too.  that the Messiah had come to defeat the romans.  but it had nothing to do with that.  it was true life He was offering, and still is.
6. if you still consider me backwards and a heathen, so be it.  i worship Christ and thank Him for my home, i pray for Him to bless the rest of the world as He has our country.  i also know that at just a word from Him, this entire country can crumble in a heart beat.  yet i will survive.  because my hope is in Him, not a country.


  1. I'm sorry, Amy. It's just such a shame that we can't share our own views and perspectives without our faith and value being questioned. This is why so many of us struggle with church, with christians...and it breaks my heart. I've read all your posts on this topic and you have never been anything but gracious, showing your own views, but never pushing them on anyone else. I love you. Be brave, friend. Share the truth you know and don't listen to the critics. Please. We need your voice.

    1. thank you. love you too. your support means so much to me.

  2. backwards heathen.
    No seriously, AntiFlag. I loved their concert. I was 18. Enough said.
    Now GO VOTE!
    Seriously though, um, when you posted the first post, all I could think of was, "Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line."! Which is code for, never argue on facebook. I thought that might be a confusing comment so I kept it to myself and it got stuck in my head, which was slightly annoying. I blame you for that too.

    1. no more rhymes now i mean it! anybody want a peanut?

  3. amen and amen to tonia!

    Oh what I would do to have
    the kind of strength it takes to stand before a giant
    with just a sling and a stone...


  4. Can I borrow Tonia's comment and make it my own :)

    Love this...
    "the pharisees thought it had to do with a country too. that the Messiah had come to defeat the romans. but it had nothing to do with that. it was true life He was offering, and still is."

    Jesus transends so many of our man made "ideologies". He stepped right out of the box, made it all about love.

    And btw you should definitly come and move in next door :)

  5. Amy ,high five girl. JoAnn,"Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line."! gahhh love it.

  6. Very good words! Wish we as a Church would stand out for a love of God and others! What a difference we'd make in this country that God has blessed, but not set apart. Wish I could have read your original post. ;)