to be life giving

"You've been wounded in your spirit, and that wound
pierces deeply, painfully, sometimes even
permanently. As Proverbs 18:14 says,
'The spirit of a man will sustain him in sickness,
but who can bear a broken spirit?'
When tough times or injuries come, we must
be able to draw upon a reservoir of hope,
faith, and self-confidence that God has
stored up inside us through the love and
encouragement of friends and family. If
enemies, through cunning and cruelty, have plundered
that reservoir, what will sustain us then?"

-Frank Peretti
"The Wounded Spirit"

"Hey beautiful girl, would you please clean the living room?"

Without looking at her,
I know she is rolling her eyes at the back of my head,
and I am waiting to hear that annoyed sigh.
Ah, there it is.

"Thank you so much,
 I really appreciate it.
You are such a wonderful helper,
I just couldn't do it all without you."

And I pause,
wait to hear her movement,
and then I slowly turn around to gaze on her beautiful face and see that glowing smile.
Now she is pleased,
delighted to have such an important job to do,
to be a helper to her very busy mama.

Oh how I long for my words,
the ever present flow of not well thought out words,
to be life giving.
How I despair of words that are like knives,
to belittle my children for complaining
(as if I never complain)
will accomplish nothing but the slow wounding of their little hearts.

When I am bitter towards what I must do
or circumstances I must endure,
when my soul cries out complaints to my
Father who will never leave me nor forsake me,

I read how He loves me.
I read how He is gracious to me.
I read how He has never ending patience with me.
His word does not berate me.
It reminds me that He will be there for me,
waiting for me...
and I want to please Him.

His words give me life.
They give me purpose.
 I am filled with a sense of desire to do what I need,
 to make it through,
to hold on,
to walk the path before me... with joy.

Words that tear down hurt,
whether they are done in discipline,
jest or
anything else.
Oh Lord, let our words to our children,
as well as to everyone else,
be life giving words.
Let our words fill that reservoir of hope, faith, and
self-confidence in others which Frank Peretti speaks of.
Let them remember they are smart, loved, helpful, needed, caring,
and everything else which builds their spirit up.

My beautiful girl may not always listen immediately,
{and I know I almost never listen immediately}
but with life giving words
I will give her reason and desire to.

And let us not neglect to impart the ultimate life giving words,
that of the LIFE GIVER,
the reason.

"He is our Savior and Lord;
He is the Answer for every broken heart,
the one Answer we cannot live without-
He is the Healer of the
wounded spirit."

-Frank Peretti
"The Wounded Spirit"


  1. So powerful are your words... yes encouragement gives life and hope. It is just as easy to say something good and kind as it is to say something unkind. It is all about choices that we make.

  2. Good stuff. I should read it over and over. (My girls be drivin' me BANANAS, lately!)

  3. I needed this in all kinds of ways tonight. thank you.

  4. man. I just wish I could be silent. I am so convicted right now. So. CONVICTED! ARGH!

  5. Your words here bestow light.
    Thank you for this post Amy.

  6. yes. thank you, beautiful woman:)

  7. Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Thank you for this important reminder of the power of words. I will be thinking (&acting) upon this this week.