Your love like an ocean

sun was a blanket over our home,
and after a few rainy days and
a filled weekend, these little ones
were itching to go out,
be free.
and so we headed over the hill, just fifteen minutes,
to this beach the children adore,
and we realized our newest delight,
pearl jean,
had never been before...

and i am deeply in love with the ocean and
there is something about it which reminds me of
God, for i see so many of His attributes reflected
in it...
His love flowing endlessly in the unending expanse of blue,
His unmatchable power crashing in the roar of waves,
His grace rushing in with the tide,
and His beauty...
{do i even need to illustrate that one?}


  1. Oh my favorite place too.
    Always when my husbands says to me, "what would you like to do today?" my answer is the beach.
    It is the freedom and the endless beauty like you say, where we can feel God and his power.

  2. I wanted to go to the beach SOOO BAD on Monday. It is a rather holy place, in my mind. Lovely photos!

  3. Beautiful words and photos. I love the one of you holding Pearl. Oh, and the one of the kids' shadows on the sand gave me a little shiver.

  4. joann, she was really happy. she just stared at everything and smiled and when the wind blew she gulped all big and then smiled again. she got sprayed by water and she babbled in her baby talk...a definite beach baby!

  5. Hi...we are neighbors at em's...oh my I want to live where ever it is you live...this is just breath taking. I love the beach and i do feel God tremendous presence and love there and in the mountains. Your littles are just adorable. Feeling refreshed here...blessings~

  6. I love the way your words and photos pulled me into this time of celebration and loving and being.

  7. oh girl. i know. i love the ocean. and i see such joy in your faces... there is such peace and power in the waves, crashing... in the sand, stretching. so glad for you.

  8. nice..i love the ocean...the smell, the taste...and the rhythm...the rhythm of nature, perhaps given us as a model..for life...

  9. You're So Lucky!:))
    I wish we could be nearer to our Baltic sea!

    Have a very beautiful day,

  10. Oh, Amy - me, too. The ocean fairly breathes God to me. Is this Cayucos? Looks a little like it - and it is so green - amazing. Your children are beautiful, beautiful and full of life and hope. Blessings to you, neighbor!

  11. The ocean is a very special place for me too.
    I always feel completly at peace at the sea.
    I love these pics Amy, especially the ones of that sweet little baby girl of yours :)

  12. diana, close! morro bay. practically the same beach, they are neighbors :)