what is up

i've been staring at these huge, bare windows for a year and a half now,
 not quite knowing what to do with them...

so yesterday i finally decided to sew some curtains...

definitely brightens up the kitchen,
and makes me smile.

on the reading topic,
i'm still on a fiction kick,
which will probably end soon because
when i'm reading fiction i keep reading
and reading
and can't get much else done.
so after peace like a river,
{which i am loving so far}
i'll have to move back to non-fiction!

it's a rainy thursday here,
and i am loving it.
have a beautiful day!

needle and thREAD


  1. They're darling! I think red is the happiest kitchen color ever:-). Thanks for sharing.

  2. what cheery bright and happy! Can I just say I love your blog header.....what a sweet picture of your baby!! Found you from over at Elizabeth's....happy knitting!!

  3. What an adorable baby. I miss those time, I'm savring every phase of my daughters life. She's now eight-years old.

    Oh... I really love your big windows, and I'm loving the curtains too. You did a great job.

  4. Oh, I love your daisy curtains! Nicely done!

    And I must admit to gasping when your page loaded and the first thing I saw was that beautiful baby face! Adorable!

  5. Oh those are so bright and pretty :)

  6. Love the red curtains in your cute kitchen but it was your blog banner that took my breath away! BEAUTIFUL baby!

  7. o those are nice curtains! i like to read so much too. just finished christy by catherine marshall - it was beau-ti-ful! and have now started the hunger games because, i feel like i am the only person in all the usa who hasn't read it yet. interesting i am on a fiction kick too, but usually prefer nonfiction spiritual type books or memoirs. goodnight!

  8. Ooo ooo, I love those curtains. So cheerful. I've been reading fiction too. Not getting much else done. My daughter's got me hooked on the Hunger Games trilogy. I'm on book three - almost done. Thank goodness.