to{day i am in} love {with}


moses sleeping on the couch in the afternoon

a new pile of books from the library book sale

reading through and cooking from this delightful cookbook i was sent, review to come soon

seedlings in the window

twins sitting on the table, drawing

moses and josiah's room, newly decorated by layla and josiah {and yes, that is a bell hanging in the middle of the room... i am not one to stifle their creativity}

josiah and a stick alone on the hill {when i walked out he was swinging it around like a sword, then he saw me and stopped and began examining the stick.}

chickens getting bigger... we love our chickens.  we spend so much time just watching them. {sadly, our smallest chicken, aptly named tiny, has disappeared.  this was very devastating.}

layla swinging on the rope swing {what you don't see is the chunk of hair missing from the front because she got her hair wrapped up and tangled in the rope swing (i have no idea how) and the only way to free her was to cut her hair... and yes, there is still hair in the rope}

pearl jean... she will be four months on the first.  she simply amazes me every day.

my Creator and His artwork.

the end.


  1. Love the twins on the table! And the picture of the rope swing brought back a flood of memories from my grandparents' farm. Something so simple can be the source of such joy.

  2. :)

    that chicken is the cutest ever.

    love you.

  3. Loving your loves! And you know what will make me happy? When we can meet in person. Please. :)

    1. yes i know jodi! seriously. it's just that... well, i don't make it to pennsylvania all that often :)

  4. I just love that picture of your adorable twins sitting on the table drawing!
    Such beautiful photos!!!