a naturally fun review


our home is filled with constant parties,
though often with just our children,
as they decide they want to have a party...
a detective party,
a movie party,
a popcorn party,
a balloon party,
a nature party,
a middle ages party...
and they make themselves treats and
set everything up and
tell us they are having a party,
and they have their party.
so when i was sent a beautiful book to review,
naturally fun parties for kids by anni daulter,
i was thrilled,
knowing this book would come in handy
for my party-loving kids, and for me,
their party-naive mom who is
at throwing a party.
opening this book,
i fell in love.
it's perfect for someone like me
with kids like mine.
not only is the photography beautiful,
and the party ideas {arranged by season} delightful,
but it is SO user friendly,
with a list of materials needed AND a walk-thru schedule
of when to do things, and how to do them,
and i cannot say enough good things about this book.

when it arrived, my children stole it from me, and
showed me all the parties they wanted to have...
the pancake pj party,
the knights and dragon quest party,
and the twins favorite,
the forest faerie dress-up party.  i could continue to rave about the book,
but i will let the twins tell the rest for you...

you might want to be hanging out with us in the near future;
i think we might be having some raging parties.

*this is my personal review, i have received no compensation*

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  1. What a lovely book! Thanks for the review - I can't wait to check it out.