my best parenting advice

lots of friends are expecting first babies,
the bliss,
the excitement,
the joy,
and they have been telling me about some of the advice they have received...

"sleep when you can"
"don't spoil them"
"get them on a schedule"
all the blah, blah, blah...

and then they ask me
for advice and
i give them the best advice i can...
don't listen to advice.

if your baby wants to eat,
feed her.

if she is crying,
hold her.

if you are tired,
with her
and she will sleep too.
there's no perfect formula,
no magic trick,
you will know what your baby needs,
and as they grow,
what your child needs,
and what you need,
and you will care for those needs.
don't listen to advice,
listen to what you know is right.

 "However, in the Christian life, even in parenting, God gave us a brain to think, a conscience to nudge our hearts, the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us to guide us. All He asks is that we live by faith in him dependence on Him. And yes, I think through this process, God has given a mom intuition and a mom’s instinct for what is best for her child."


  1. So true. If someone else were meant to mother a child, God would've made that happen. Every mom is different. Every child is different. Except in cases of blatant abuse/neglect, parenting is really no one's business except the parents'. A comfortable, happy mom is the best mom, I think.

  2. YES! Although I feel as though there are the parents who make the child their God, anything the child wants, etc. etc.

    I have a harder time praying than I do parenting. I really want to switch the order that goes in, because really? I suck. I need Jesus.

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  4. joann, me too. i suck. need jesus.

    and yes, those parents are irritating. they need jesus too.

  5. I so love this post Amy :)
    You speak for my heart and I think your friend is very lucky too by the way to have such a great friend to share their experience of first time motherhood with :)
    We all have to follow our own way. God has a unique path for each mother and chlld. Together they learn, together they walk the path, together they grow and learn more about what it really means to love.
    I love the pictures of your girls helping out, they remind me of my two middle girls :)

    1. thank you suzy! i know you think the same as me :)