just a bit chaotic

i was talking to a friend the other day and she said to me,
"i don't get your blog.  sometimes you write,
sometimes you write poetry,
sometimes you tell stories,
sometimes you just post pictures,
you post music,
you tell about your day.
there's no theme.
it's just...
a bit

{yes, she is this honest with me,
and i am glad for it,
and hope that you would be too...
though i may cry about it for a minute,
because i'm a big cry baby,
then i would say thanks}

and she went through telling me how
i'm not really a mom blog like {fill-in-blank}
not really a photography blog like {fill-in-blank}
not really a theological,
not really an encouraging,
not really a food,
or parenting,
or ...
i just have little parts of those, sometimes
and maybe people won't read my blog all that often
because i

and she was right.
i've no subject,
no focus...
and so for about five seconds i considered
deleting and
becoming an unknown face in the blogging world,
this blog is kind of a mess,
a chaotic mess.

but then i realized,
that's what makes it such a perfect extension of
because i,
i am just that,
a bit chaotic,
i'm all over the place
with no rhyme or reason,

i'm a bunch of cut up scraps
pasted together to form a collage,
a chaotic mess.
i make no sense,
here i am.

welcome to my blog.
it makes no sense,
here it is.
glad you're here too.


  1. uh....have you been to my blog lately? which is alternately about food, clothes, TV shows I like, and theology. And rants about the messed up world. Pretty much like the inside of my head all the time. What's refreshing about your blog, Amy, is that you are not putting out a product...which needs a focus and a definite marketing theme. No, you are just sharing *you* and it's refreshing and wonderful and honest and if you change it I'm gonna be really, really unhappy.

    Now, come visit me so we can talk this all out in person, will ya? :)

  2. I have had those thoughts about my blog as well...but I'm thankful you are not deleting it. Our blogs just reflect real life in my opinion, the beautiful, chaotic lives we have been blessed with! :)

  3. amy, i/mine is a bit chaotic, too. and i've wondered about deletion and relevance, but my blog extends me, keeps me sane when i think to write. i love your space here. :)

  4. I like your blog and your unique style and who you are...don't change that... if someone doesn't care for it they just don't have to read it.

  5. Hahaha! Tonia summed it all up for me. (on the visiting too!) xo

  6. I love all the bits and pieces that make up your blog, Amy! Mine is the SAME way. No worries, friend. Keep writing. :)

  7. Keep it messy. Keep it real. We love you, as-is. xo

  8. I'm a new reader of your blog, but I've completely fallen in love with it!
    My blog also can not be characterized and I just write what I care about and what gives me an inspiration.

    Your blog inspires!

  9. Hi Amy! Don't delete, I love your crazy mess! Much like mine...

  10. I have the same sort of blog. Maybe that's why I like yours so much.

    You would be in super duper big trouble if you deleted it.
    Just saying

  11. Oh, honey bunch - be you. That's what everyone relates to, you know. If a particular day isn't relevant to a particular person , so be it. It will be to others. Keep it comin' just like it is, sweet cheeks - it's great.

  12. ... and for all those reasons I love your blog :)
    Your blog shines with your own shiny soul.
    And to be human is to be made up of many facets.
    The more facets the more beautiful and shiny the jewel right?
    I think that the reason I always love to visit your blog is beacuse it is so refreshing, honest, warm and real. It is you! It is your life! And it is inspiring for me to see the loving way and the real way in which you live and mother.
    Don't ever change :)

  13. I'm new to your blog, started reading about 2 months ago....I love it! I love that there is a bit of everything...I find the blogs I stop following are usually the ones that day after day are always on the same topic, be it sewing, cooking, photography etc...I love all those things and I like that you mix it up!

  14. My blog is the same way... I write what I like.

    I'm pleased that you write about a variety of topics.
    The ones I don't check in often, are the ones that write the same things daily. I like to mix it up. :) I'm always thrilled when I find others that do the same.