to{day i am in} love {with}


moses sleeping on the couch in the afternoon

a new pile of books from the library book sale

reading through and cooking from this delightful cookbook i was sent, review to come soon

seedlings in the window

twins sitting on the table, drawing

moses and josiah's room, newly decorated by layla and josiah {and yes, that is a bell hanging in the middle of the room... i am not one to stifle their creativity}

josiah and a stick alone on the hill {when i walked out he was swinging it around like a sword, then he saw me and stopped and began examining the stick.}

chickens getting bigger... we love our chickens.  we spend so much time just watching them. {sadly, our smallest chicken, aptly named tiny, has disappeared.  this was very devastating.}

layla swinging on the rope swing {what you don't see is the chunk of hair missing from the front because she got her hair wrapped up and tangled in the rope swing (i have no idea how) and the only way to free her was to cut her hair... and yes, there is still hair in the rope}

pearl jean... she will be four months on the first.  she simply amazes me every day.

my Creator and His artwork.

the end.


my best parenting advice

lots of friends are expecting first babies,
the bliss,
the excitement,
the joy,
and they have been telling me about some of the advice they have received...

"sleep when you can"
"don't spoil them"
"get them on a schedule"
all the blah, blah, blah...

and then they ask me
for advice and
i give them the best advice i can...
don't listen to advice.

if your baby wants to eat,
feed her.

if she is crying,
hold her.

if you are tired,
with her
and she will sleep too.
there's no perfect formula,
no magic trick,
you will know what your baby needs,
and as they grow,
what your child needs,
and what you need,
and you will care for those needs.
don't listen to advice,
listen to what you know is right.

 "However, in the Christian life, even in parenting, God gave us a brain to think, a conscience to nudge our hearts, the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us to guide us. All He asks is that we live by faith in him dependence on Him. And yes, I think through this process, God has given a mom intuition and a mom’s instinct for what is best for her child."

just what you wanted to know...

this blog is two years old so i feel a bit strange doing an about me post,
but brandee did it and she's cool,
so i guess i can too...

and since i'm turning 30 this year, i suppose i will tell you 30 things about me...

{1} yes, i am only 29 though i have 7 children and the eldest will be 17 in a month...
       do the math, yes i was 12 when he was born, no i didn't give birth to him, yes he is my husband's
       biologically, yes my husband was only 15 when he was born. and i was 19 when i got married, and i    have  had twins... so it kind of makes sense.

{2} i'm not very clever... i am only on #2 and can't think of anything else to say.

{3} i post pictures when i have no words, thus, the above photo, pearl jean at the beach for the first time,
       morro rock in the back.

{4} because i couldn't think of anything else, i am back hours later to write again

{5} i love to read and could sit and read all day.

{6} knitting is good.  i love to knit.  it is super.

{7} i am not very good at talking to people.  i often say the wrong thing.  i offended someone by telling them i don't like watermelon. i am better at writing... i typically don't offend people when i write, though i'm sure that has happened too.

{8} i have begun writing 6 books.  most of them are children's novels. i love children's novels.  it appears i
     do not have much follow through.  maybe one day i'll finish them.

{9} i love homeschooling my children.  for so many reasons.

{10} i don't know what crunchy means but i have been called that many times, so maybe that is
       something that describes me, but maybe not.

{11} when i got married i didn't know how to cook, do laundry, clean, or how to do anything else
       essential to life.  my husband pretty much had to teach me.  i can finally say i'm like a real wife now.

{12} i had only known my husband for 4 months when i married him, and the beginning of that time i
       thought he was stalking me.

{13} my parents divorced when i was 5. they remarried when i was 6 {other people,not eachother}.
       my step mom passed away when i was 26.  i miss her.

{14} when i was in high school i would sit in coffee shops doing crossword puzzles when everyone else
        was partying.

{15} i was in an adolescent psychiatric hospital {aka loony  bin for kids} twice when i was a teenager

{16} Jesus found me when i was 17.

{17} that's also the year i offended don knotts grandson.

{18} when i was a kid and we played mash i always ended up with 19 being the age i was married
       and i was really married when i was 19.

{19} coffee and tea are beautiful gifts from God and i indulge in them all i can.

{20} homebirth is the most amazing experience.

{21} i love music.

{22} i want to live on a farm or in a forest.  or on a farm in a forest?

{23} we have two pine trees at our house and we have chickens... that's my way of pretending we do.

{24} as long as i have candles, a fireplace, books and my family of course, i have the perfect home.

{25} i am really really sensitive and i cry a lot.  even when i know it's stupid.

{26} i am infp. "INFPs are introspective, private, creative and highly idealistic individuals that have a constant desire to be on a meaningful path. They are driven by their values and seek peace. Empathetic and compassionate, they want to help others and humanity as a whole. INFPs are imaginative, artistic and often have a talent for language and writing. They can also be described as easygoing, selfless, guarded, adaptable, patient and loyal."

{27} i really do know how to use capital letters, i just don't like to here or on facebook.  and i don't like

{28} i live in the same area i grew up in, the central coast of california.  i like it here, but i'd rather live where        it snows.


{29} modern church structure and i don't get along but i'm trying really really hard.

{30} i love wearing long hippie skirts, but no, i don't think i have to wear skirts.  sometimes i wear pants.

the end.


Your love like an ocean

sun was a blanket over our home,
and after a few rainy days and
a filled weekend, these little ones
were itching to go out,
be free.
and so we headed over the hill, just fifteen minutes,
to this beach the children adore,
and we realized our newest delight,
pearl jean,
had never been before...

and i am deeply in love with the ocean and
there is something about it which reminds me of
God, for i see so many of His attributes reflected
in it...
His love flowing endlessly in the unending expanse of blue,
His unmatchable power crashing in the roar of waves,
His grace rushing in with the tide,
and His beauty...
{do i even need to illustrate that one?}