these are the days...

anyone hear natalie merchant singing?
i used to write stories here
a lot.
and then i was pregnant, and then i had pearl
and now i have seven children to love,
care for,
teach and about all i do on here now is post
pictures and
daybooks and
little bits and thoughts i have and
i'm sorry if you have been here with me from the beginning,
and you are wondering where my writing went and
what the heck happened,
but i think i am okay with this,
for now,
this being at a loss for deep thought and the words to express it,
for story telling and
painting pictures with words.
and there is a season,
and this season
for us
is simple and
simple words and pictures best express who i am
right now.
some days pearl sleeps and i put her down to spend some time
snuggling with and reading to little ones
baking cookies,
folding laundry,
sometimes i even steal a moment to knit.

but somedays she sleeps and i just
hold her,
watch her because i know
these newborn days are fleeting and
soon she will be crawling,
and off
running with her brothers and sisters and
i just want to
down and
drink in each moment.
these are simple days and
simple words and pictures are
all what i have to give
right now.


  1. yep! I know its busy with only 3 kids, I can't imagine finding time for anything with 7! Enjoy them :)

  2. They do grow so fast, enjoy every moment and take pictures too.

  3. Oh, yes, they are the days. My oldest three are 20, 18 and 15 now and even though I still have little ones too, it isn't the same days as when my oldest were young. Enjoy it, it really does go quickly! :)

  4. Oh, and yes. I can hear Natalie Merchant. :P