song for saturday

Oh my mama alela diane

Oh! my mama, she gave me these feathered breaths
Oh! my mama, she told me, "Use your voice, my little bird!"
She said "sing! sing! sing! sing! sing! sing! melodies"
And she sang! sang! sang! sang! sang! those melodies
Oh! my mama, she did give me fancy feet I'll be dancin' on
And I'll tap, tap, tap my toes into those creaking floor boards
Oh! My mama she took my little hand and held on tight
All the mamas give the waters of their wells!
All the mamas give the babies this very dirt we're walking on
Oh! My mama, she gave me these feathered breaths
And your mama, she gave you these feathered breaths too
And when the sky drops all those feathers
When the birds sing in the morning
I'll be a mama
I'll have a daughter
And I'll give her melodies
I'll give her melodies
She'll be my little bird
And then she'll fly

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