simple living, loving

these days...

been reading lots of children's novels,
i get on kicks where i read them
because they're just fun and simple...
just good reading.
finished wildwood {which i loved},
now onto return to goneaway,
{i read the first, goneaway lake,
on my last children's novel marathon}
pearl giggles and rolls over now and
moses is becoming such a big boy.
we've headed out to the lake a couple times,
to fish,
and it's so quiet, so peaceful there.

been cooking lots for family,
i got a new coffee table at a thrift store and
there was a young couple,
counting change to try and buy a new coat,
and my husband offered to give them a leather jacket he had
at home,
and they came over;
we made them dinner and gave them company,
a jacket and new shoes,
coffee and breakfast and
moses played with their dogs,
made them look through all of our photo albums
and cried when his
"new friends" left the next morning,
and isn't this what it's about?
living the gospel,
caring for others' needs,
sharing lives and conversation,
breaking bread and
isn't this how we live it out,
how we love?

"Christ's ministry to this impoverished, captive, blinded
and oppressed world must, in one way or another, also
be ours.  Many of us have been given a most remarkable
tool through which to minister- the miracle of a Christian home.
I am firmly convinced that if Christians would open their homes
and practice hospitality as defined in Scripture, we could signifcantly
alter the fabric of society.  We could play a major role in its
spiritual, moral and emotional redemption."
-Karen Mains, Open Heart Open Home 


  1. You are just the best. And that is some catch of fish.

  2. You've inspired me to start reading more of the children's novels...especially since I missed out on good reading when I was a child, reading stuff like "Sweet Valley High" back then (yuck!!).

  3. I also love how tangible the hands and feet of Jesus were with you guys and that couple you met...its how it should be for us all! I guess it won't be for everyone till his return...come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  4. what a beautiful post. what a beautiful family. what a beautiful story to tell. and I love that Mains book - love it. thank you for living it so well.

  5. Oh Amy. I love this. You are so beautiful. I love the call and response of the Spirit in your life. Thank you for this.